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It was previously reported that Matt Sydal needs to undergo surgery to repair the torn cartilage in his knee and is expected to be back in the ring in about three months. It was initially scheduled to take place a couple of days ago but Sydal said that it had to be pushed back another week as insurance issues have caused a slight delay. You can check out the tweets below:

I’m having surgery next Thursday to repair torn cartilage in my knee. I should be able to return to the ring by March or April. I’ll be teaching wrestling online, and at the @WWNLive training center throughout. Reach out to [email protected] with questions. ???????
— Matt Sydal (@findevan) January 17, 2019

Hey guys! My surgery was postponed due to insurance issues. The Doc rescheduled me for next week, but we are still waiting for insurance paperwork to get resolved. Much respect and appreciation for the doctors and nurses navigating these waters, advocating for patients.
— Matt Sydal (@findevan) January 24, 2019

How are you amigo what are you getting done?
— El Hijo del Fantasma (@hijodelfantasma) January 24, 2019

They are repairing cartilidge in my knee. I will be back in the ring in 3 months! Gracias amigo! Espero verte pronto!
— Matt Sydal (@findevan) January 25, 2019

Former TNA & WWE Star Matt Morgan is reportedly coming out of retirement for one final match for charity at Reiter Park in Longwood, Florida on March 16th. Morgan sent the following about his upcoming match (opponent is still TBD):
“I’m coming out of retirement for one last match as we look to raise money where 100% of the proceeds will go to our Lyman High School football team (or only high school in the city) to get them anti-concussion helmets. I found out we were the only team in the league that don’t have them, so I’m not gonna charge admission, we’re just going to ask for suggested donations.”

— Matt Morgan (@BPmattmorgan) January 24, 2019

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