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6th Sep 2019

When Kristen, The Bachelor Australia contestant famously known as “China Girl”, didn’t receive a rose from Matt on this week’s episode of the reality show, which aired on Channel 10 on Thursday night, she didn’t take it as well as the series had lead viewers to believe. 

“Leaving the house, I was in a state of shock,” the 25-year-old from Queensland told Vogue. “I wasn’t expecting my journey to have ended when it did. I was just in shock.”

If you’re a little confused as to why Kristen – who seemed to have missed out on the opportunity to spend much time with the bachelor – was so shocked when she was asked to leave the mansion, then you’re not alone. 

However, Kristen has now shared that much of her time with Matt never actually made it to air, leaving viewers to assume they had no connection.

“Any interaction that we had and any moments that we were quite intimate with each other were completely not shown,” said the reality TV star. “I think that if it was, Australia would completely understand why I was so shocked to have left when I did.”

“It’s difficult because a lot of things happened that night that I left – behind the scenes and things that you’ll never know and I won’t be able to talk about,” she continued, declining to elaborate any further. “It’s hard to explain and I’ll never understand how I had ended up going home that night.”

When quizzed on whether or not she has any regrets about starring on the seventh season of The Bachelor Australia, Kristen jokes that she has just one, revealing she wishes she had been “more mindful in answering things in mandarin when I’ve been asked by a producer, because the last thing you’d expect is for it to all be cut into a montage.” 

Admitting that she was disappointed the producers of the series had decided to label her “China Girl”, Kristen says her love of the country “is just a small part of who I am and it’s just my most recent experience and they just held on to that and nothing else.”

Adding that she was concerned about the “cultural offense that [the show] may have been taking by creating the character,” Kristen shares she hopes that “people were able to appreciate and be inspired by somebody who cares so fondly about another culture and learning another language.”

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