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7th Nov 2019

There is no denying that the fifth season of The Bachelorette has been a stellar one. Drama-filled and full of laughs, it’s served to introduce viewers to an interesting and rather entertaining group of men who have spent weeks fighting for Angie Kent’s attention. 

As such, it was somewhat sad to see Matt Whyatt and Alex McKay leave the mansion when the former Gogglebox star opted to not hand them a rose during last night’s ceremony. While they were asked to pack their bags a total of nine episodes into the series, its safe to say the pair weren’t given as much time on camera as they’d hoped.

Talking to Vogue about their time on the show, both bachelors agreed their only regret was that they’d taken longer than they’d hoped to come into their own and adjust to conversing on set. “Looking at a bunch of cameras, you’re there on a dating show, it’s quite a weird experience and to relax and be yourself wasn’t as easy as I thought it would have been,” shared Matt.

When asked whether age played a part in the bachelorette’s lack of interest, Alex confessed “Ciarran and I thought we were going to go home pretty early” because “Angie wasn’t really a real fan of anyone younger than her at the start.”

However, it didn’t take Ciarran long to overcome the handicap and it quickly became apparent he was one to watch. That was until the frontrunner received news that sent him packing. “The day Ciarran got the phone call that his nan died was devastating for him because he realised he probably had bigger things in the real world he had to deal with rather than reality TV,” Alex told Vogue

But if you had your own eye on the fashion-forward favourite, you’ll be relieved to know that he is still on the market. “Me and Ciarran have had a couple of good nights out together, and Ciarran is definitely single,” laughs Alex. 

As Angie prepares to join the remaining four contestants on their hometown visits, we couldn’t help but ask Matt and Alex who they think is likely to win the bachelorette’s heart. The pair unanimously agreed it would be Timm, the 27-year-old fireproofer from Victoria. 

“I thought Ryan was the front runner until the bombshell last night, now I’m thinking Timm will get over the line,” says Alex. “We’ve seen that one of Ryan and Angie’s big things in a relationship is trust. For me, watching that last night, he definitely broke Angie’s trust so maybe that’s a deal breaker.”

“[Timm] is sort of in the spotlight in every situation, so all the group dates and any time we spent with Angie, Timm was there. Angie was definitely falling for Timm,” he added. Matt agreed: “he seems to make her laugh and they have a good time together and he’s pretty honest and upfront and he doesn’t really hide, he just says it how it is, so I reckon Timm.”

When quizzed on whether they had anything to add at the conclusion of the interview, Matt was sure to give his friend a leg up with the ladies, considering both bachelors are now back on the market. “Alex wants you to add that he’s an absolute stud,” he told Vogue. So there you have it.

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