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“Not doing enough research! The promise of an item on sale can be alluring enough to make us buy without shopping around for a better deal. I always try to crosscheck at least five-to-10 websites selling the same product before adding to cart. The only thing worse than buying something on sale is finding out you could have bought it for even less.” — Jen Nurick, fashion features assistant

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“Converting sizing. It’s best to know your measurements, either have a tape measure handy or write them down so you can always double check sizing as most brands are different.” — Rebecca Shalala, style content editor

“A lot of friends tell me they don’t shop online because they’re scared the item won’t fit. Most sites have a decent returns policy, and if you stick to bricks and mortar you’re missing out on competitive prices and amazing labels. Accessories are always a safe bet too for sizing!” — Alice Birrell, fashion features director

“Photos can be deceiving. Always read the fabric composition—fabrics can appear luxe in a photo that are actually very cheap and nasty to touch. And remember that clothing is made to be worn in real life rather than on Instagram. It may look chic in that still photo but is it a nightmare to walk/stand/sit in? We’re humans, not mannequins.” — Julia Frank, digital editorial director

“Going into a sale or a shopping event like VOSN and not having an idea of the key pieces you actually want or need is basically a sin. A well-consulted wish list based on what your wardrobe actually needs is a must.” — Danielle Gay, digital editor

“Not paying attention to the fabrication of the garment, it makes a big difference in the way the garment fits and falls on your body. Always try to opt for natural fibres as well.” — Philippa Moroney, fashion editor and market director

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“Check the returns policy of the website especially if it’s on sale. Some websites don’t return sale items, so make sure you know that you can return it if you need to before clicking the checkout key. Or, if you are going to buy sale pieces online, try to stick to brands that you already own so you know which size to buy.” — Lucie Clark, associate digital editor

“If you don’t love it as much once you receive it, return it. Having it sit in your wardrobe for weeks won’t change your mind, it will just never be used/worn.” — Dijana Maddison, deputy art director

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Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce

“Not taking note of the product’s description. Make sure you know what you’re signing up for before adding to your cart. Also, I’m finally getting into the habit of refining my search in order to avoid scrolling through 20 pages before giving up altogether. Hallelujah!” — Angelica Xidias, associate digital editor

“Buying an item of clothing that does not suit your style/wardrobe. Countless times I have seen an amazing piece that I will tell myself I will wear but it ends up sitting in my wardrobe, seldom worn (cream embellished jacket with mohair fringing, I am talking about you).” — Kaila Matthews, market editor

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