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There’s make-up, and then there’s red carpet make-up. Celebrities tend to know a thing or two about looking good, but when they’re walking out to face a bank of photographers, posing for hundreds of pictures with other exceptionally good-looking people competing just a few metres behind them – nailing the perfect beauty look becomes absolutely crucial.

And there’s certainly an art to creating a look that makes an impact. Make-up artists typically spend at least two hours working on a celebrity’s face before a major event, with outfit styling and the lighting of the event factored into every decision. The goal is to create a strong and flawless image, but one element that can make the difference between beautiful and memorable is a bold lipstick.

Here, being adventurous often pays off. Gigi Hadid’s dark maroon lip for the New York premiere of
turned the fresh-faced model into a vamp. On the red carpet for
, Rihanna chose a dramatic eggplant shade that matched her Givenchy dress. Lupita Nyong’o’s metallic blue for the London premiere of
was thanks to a clever innovation by her make-up artist Nick Barose, who blended a Lancome eyeshadow and eyeliner with lip balm to get the perfect hue. “Think outside the box,” he advised.

Then there’s the winning formula that actresses (and the rest of us) have tapped into since the golden age of Hollywood: the power of the perfect red. Lipsticks in this spectrum are not all made equal, of course, and any good make-up artist knows that identifying the right red for a particular client’s colouring can transform their entire face. Witness Sienna Miller wearing an elegant merlot to an Oscar party; Rose Byrne matching her citrussy orange-red lipstick to her Ralph Lauren gown at the 2017 Met Gala; and Joan Smalls in a classic cherry shade at this year’s Cannes festival.

Very few of us may walk red carpets, but the lesson of using colour-saturated lips to make an unforgettable impression is one that can work for anyone. In honour of #InternationalLipstickDay,
rounds up the very best red carpet lipstick moments.Click Here: Liverpool FC T Shirts

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