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6th Aug 2019

Since splitting from her on again/off again flame, former One Direction singer Zayn Malik, for possibly the final time earlier this year, model Gigi Hadid has either managed to keep her dating life under wraps or has been living her best single life and not dating at all. Until now that is.

According to E! News, Hadid has recently been spotted with a new gent, who fans of the US series of The Bachelorette are very familiar with. The publication reports the 24-year-old model was seen “hanging out” with season 15’s Bachelorette runner-up, fellow model Tyler Cameron, on Sunday night in New York. 

Per E! News Hadid and Cameron reportedly connected over Instagram, but what we don’t know is if that was a result of Hadid watching the show and finding Cameron on the ‘Gram (see one of his posts below) or Cameron using his higher profile post-The Bachelorette to connect with Hadid, who he could very conceivably have been crushing on from afar previously. 


Hadid isn’t the first celebrity to be linked to a contestant from The Bachelorette, Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland is engaged to Bachelorette alum, Wells Adams. And if you think about it, unsuccessful contestants from the show are ideal potential dates — they went on the show with the intention of finding love and if that doesn’t happen on the show, presumably that hope of falling in love is still there. That seems to be the logic of the producers for candidates for The Bachelorette and The Bachelor, given that often a runner-up or contestant from a previous season then becomes the next Bachelorette or Bachelor.

However, if it turns out that Tyler and Hadid are dating, then his chances of being the next Bachelor on the US series are low-to-zero, but on the other hand, if he finds love with Hadid then he won’t need TV producers to find him a love match.

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According to E! News, after Cameron and Hadid reportedly hung out at Brooklyn’s Dumbo House before heading back to Hadid’s apartment for a nightcap on Sunday night, the publication reports they followed up with a second date on Monday night. E! News reports the models spent the evening bowling with a group of friends at New York’s Frames Bowling Lounge, and a source told the publication that they’re interested in each other but are taking things slow. 

“They are both taking things slow but have both made it clear they are interested in each other,” the source told E! News. Roses for Cameron and Hadid from each other? Watch this space.

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