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The New Day recently spoke with the folks at The Undefeated to promote WrestleMania 34. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On their thoughts about breaking up The New Day:

Big E: “Uh, first of all, that’s a terrible idea.”

Xavier Woods: “We have a name for people like that.”

All: “We call them wedge-drivers.”

Big E:“Trying to drive a wedge. Trying to break up the bond that we have going on.”

Xavier Woods: “For why?”

Kofi Kingston: “For what purpose?”

Big E: “You don’t like fun?”

Xavier Woods: “Something’s wrong with you. I’m having a blast with these two.”

Big E: “And as a trio we’re doing something unique. You could say there are other people that maybe in the past who were tired of that, but I feel like we’ve created our own lane in many ways. As individuals we’ll have a lot of success, but we originally saw ourselves as a faction, and we just ended up being in a tag-team division. We love tag-team wrestling, but all of our goals individually can still be achieved as The New Day. I don’t think there has to be any kind of breakup whatsoever. I’m reminded of what we did a couple of years ago when Woods and I had defended the tag titles, unfortunately unsuccessfully, at [the ‘Money in the Bank’ pay-per-view], but Kofi was in the ‘Money in the Bank’ ladder match, and in the time leading up to that Kofi would have a singles match and Woods and I would be doing tag stuff. That would be a lot of fun to go back to doing more stuff like that where one of us can pursue a singles title and the other two can still be in a tag team. There’s a lot of stuff we can still do as a collective but still achieve individual goals. To why we would ever break up, I don’t know what the point of that would be.”

Kofi Kingston: “It really wouldn’t make sense because three is better than one. It doesn’t make sense.”

Xavier Woods: “It’s just a logical choice for us to just stay friends.”

On whether or not they miss playing heels:

Big E: “That was a while ago. I was thinking about being in Baltimore and [Orioles outfielder] Adam Jones was there — not ‘Pacman,’ the baseball player — and I remember looking over at him. I think we ripped him. I remember we were in Pittsburgh, we had the Terrible Towels and being able to slide that across my … you know the area. Man, we had some good times.”

Kofi Kingston: “We talked about Chip Kelly being a grown man named ‘Chip.’ One of my favorite things to do is to be able to berate children, being the ‘bad guy’ coming out there yelling at these kids and threatening to ground them was some of my favorite, favorite stuff. That’s what it’s all about. We go out there and you see kids really getting into what we do, so to go out there and kind of have a little fun with them and hopefully at the end of the match they get their way and they feel they’ve caused us to fall or whatever. I do kind of miss that.”

Xavier Woods: “It was a big part of everything, as Kofi said. Yelling at children that they should be doing their homework and them getting irate. But then it’s cool because you see everyone behind them that sees this kid interacting with us and losing their mind and they start doing the same thing; now everyone’s involved. It was a cool way to not just involve that kid, who’s going to remember that for the rest of his life, but involve everyone else who’s also paying money to come to this show, this interactive experience. It’s something we’re not doing right now, but we might get back to it.”

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