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Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce

There are some common questions that keep us up at night, whirring in the backs of our heads. One of them, fashion fans will note, sounds a lot like ‘Do I really need this handbag?’ The phrasing may differ slightly but the nature of the inquiry remains the same—and lurks in our minds for days, weeks (months, even!) begging us to reach a resolve.

Iconic handbags like the Chanel 2.55, the Dior Saddle Bag (John Galliano’s original or Maria Grazia Chiuri’s revised version) and the Celine Trapeze Bag spring to mind. As does Proenza Schouler’s PS11, Balenciaga’s Motorcycle Bag and Chloé’s Paddington Bag, each of which helped to cultivate cult audiences around these then-fledgling brands.

To know these pieces is to want them. But, while admiring such things of beauty from afar is easy enough, making a financial commitment can be far harder.

So what if our horoscopes could dictate the choice of our handbags? Zodiac signs have long been used to help determine the fate of our friendships, our futures, and even our finances. It only makes sense that our styles, too, are sealed in the stars.

Buying a bag is a big investment: it should fit all that you need, it should weather rain, hail or shine and, if chosen wisely, it should turn heads too. Before you bite the bullet, consider these horoscopic readings below to find out which bag is right for your birth month.  

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


22 December – 20 January

Tradition, craftsmanship and discipline are the bread and butter for those born in this month. Novelty bags (fanny packs, micro bags, box bags made of translucent beads) just wont do for this earth sign that is ruled by the planet Saturn. A classic silhouette will be most compelling—think a Chanel WOC (a wallet on chain) or a Prada leather tote for everlasting appeal. For a more affordable option, consider Mansur Gavriel’s bucket bag or a satin wristlet by The Row.

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


21 January – 18 February

Intelligent, independent and inventive are key identifiers when it comes to spotting an Aquarius-born bag lover. Those born in this month won’t just sling any bag across their bodies—an accessory of their choosing should inspire instant conversation. Smaller up-and-coming brands are a great go-to (think Wandler or Byredo), with the colour and texture of your chosen companion equally important considerations to keep front of mind.

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


19 February – 20 March

Imagination, musicality and romance make up the vocabulary of the Pisces-born. A water sign ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune, bag wearers born in this month will gravitate naturally towards bags with less boxy, restrictive styles. Think buttery leather, fringe tassels and soft, pastel colours. A Valentino bag or Issey Miyake Bao Bao will meld imagination and romance with ease, and will make your heart sing, too.

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


21 March – 19 April

Confidence, courage and versatility make up the personalities of the Aries-born, a fire sign ruled by the planet Mars. Theirs is a bag that should do all of the work, and all of the talking. A Loewe Puzzle bag will tick the box with its diverse ways of wearing, while a hand-held accessory by Staud will show off your fashion risk-taking and bold style in spades.

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


20 April – 20 May

Taurus-born bag lovers are believed to possess qualities of reliability, responsibility and being grounded. In bag speak, these translate to non-precious, sturdy and sustainable bags you can throw anything into, and then throw over your shoulder and go. Enter Saint Laurent’s universal pleaser, the Sac du jour, or A.P.C’s beloved half moon cross body bag. This truth is undisputed: in matters of the sac, the French do it best.

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


21 May – 21 June

Adaptable yet restless, quick-witted yet inconsistent at times, myth has it since the dawn of time that Geminis have split personalities. Air signs ruled by the planet Mercury, Geminis should opt for bags that transcend time and season and will keep them interested with their everlasting appeal. The best alternatives? A cross body by Jérôme Dreyfuss or the timeless Pandora bag courtesy of Givenchy.

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


22 June – 22 July

Creativity, spontaneity, loyalty and emotion are synonymous with Cancers, a water sign ruled by the Moon. When it comes to accessorising, bag wearers born in this month don’t overthink their styling and are always happy to try new things or conversely, wear the same beloved bag for years. Younger brands especially appeal—think Hunting Season or By Far—and consider buying these in special edition colourways, sumptuous velvet or exotic leathers.

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


23 July – 22 August

Cheerful! Humorous! Energetic! Leos, a fire sign ruled by the sun, are always up for fun, and like their accessories to reflect that. Don’t look past the trends of the season or the odd shaped propositions young designers are beckoning you to try. Cult Gaia, Gucci and Acne Studios spring to mind immediately, as do Miu Miu, Jacquemus and Paco Rabanne. Which will you choose?

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


23 August – 22 September

Conscientious, meticulous and ever practical, Virgos are earth signs ruled by Mercury. Fashion fans born in this month wont lust after delicate minaudiéres or heavy carryalls. Instead, a well made cross body bag that exhibits beautiful construction and allows for hands-free wear is the optimal contender. An Hermès Constance or Evelyne are the pinnacle, of course, but try on Gabriela Hearst’s Nina bag or Loewe’s Gate bag for size.

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


23 September – 23 October

Romance, charm and harmony underwrite the Libra-born, an air sign ruled by the planet Venus. Abandon oversized tote bags and focus your energies (financial and fashionable) on the top handle handbag or the evening clutch. For charm? Look to Miu Miu. For romance? Look to Dior. And for harmony? Well, you could always buy both…

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


24 October – 22 November

Passion, bravery and companionship spring to mind at the mention of a Scorpio. A water sign ruled by the planets Mars and Pluto, those born in this month likely enjoy taking fashion risks—their bags (bold as they may be) are ride or die. A piece by Virgil Abloh or a Balenciaga fanny pack would be the perfect example. Alternatively, the JW Anderson Pierce bag is another daring-yet-obvious choice.

Image credit: Jonathan Daniel Pryce


23 November – 21 December

A love of travel, a knack for adventure and an inclination for humour epitomise the well-rounded character of a Sagittarius. A fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter, bag lovers born in this month are hungry to see all that the world has to offer—by way of physical travel or a transformative accessory from the heart of Paris, London or Milan. The tongue-in-cheek bags of Jeremy Scott for Moschino will make lighthearted, conversational companions, whereas a Louis Vuitton keepall will fit everything you need while on the go. A fuschia Chanel carryon, on the other hand, will do both.

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