Timothée Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp confirm their relationship with a whole lot of kissing on a yacht

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9th Sep 2019

Following months of their romantic relationship status remaining unconfirmed, we’re almost certain that recent snaps of Timothée Chalamet and Lily-Rose Depp getting cosy on a yacht are the clincher to confirm a rumour we’ve long hoped was true.

With both travelling to Italy for the annual Venice Film Festival, the pair—who we’ve been shipping all year long—stepped out on the red carpet to promote their soon-to-be-released, Shakespeare-based film, The King.

Over the course of just a few days, Chalamet and Depp appeared for the premiere and photocall for said film, walking the carpet together, but with a very obvious, very friend-appropriate distance between them at all times. Could we have been wrong? Could the relationship we have suspected since October last year, when the two were spotted kissing in the New York City rain in a scene reminiscent of any rom-com resolution, be nothing but a figment of our imaginations?

Well, we may have thought so until one rather public, rather heated, and rather recent display of affection. Recently, Chalamet and Depp set off on a yacht trip in Capri after the film festival wrapped, as reported by Popsugar. And although they looked to have partaken in this sailing venture with a group of friends, it didn’t stop the two from taking a momentary break from their self-imposed physical distancing and engaging in a whole lot of kissing on the bow of their luxury boat.

In fact, fans—us included—were so excited for this break-out moment in celebrity dating history, that it became worthy of meme status.



And this ultra-romantic moment wasn’t the only relationship-like behaviour the two looked to be displaying. Many cute moments preceded the now-worldwide news-worthy kiss, including Chalamet carrying Depp to the yacht thrown over his shoulder, the two of them swimming in the Mediterranean sea and cuddling on the bow of the yacht before the previously referred to kiss.

These glimpses of their passion aside, we feel like any PDA sessions between Chalamet and Depp will still be few and far between, so if you really want more glimpses into their passion you’re going to have to tune into their Netflix film, The King, once it drops. With Chalamet starring as King Henry V, and Depp playing Catherine of Aragon opposite him, their on-screen chemistry will no doubt cement our off-screen hopes.

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But we think we’re going to keep our eyes on each of their Instagram profiles, just in case they decide to make their relationship Insta-official sometime soon.

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