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TNA Genesis Results – January 11, 2009

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TNA Genesis – 1/11/2009
Bojangles’ Coliseum in Charlotte, North Carolina
Report by: Richard Gray of

TNA Genesis is live on pay-per-view with an opening video package. We’re live from Charlotte, North Carolina as Mike Tenay gives us the formal welcome. Three TNA titles will be on the line as the pyros at the top of the ramp go off.

Eric Young, Homicide, and Hernandez vs. Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, and Kiyoshi
6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match

Team number one is Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, and Kiyoshi as they are out first. Mike Tenay announces the neck injury to Christy Hemme, echoing what was posted on the official TNA website. Team number two for the 6-Man Tag Team Elimination Match is Eric Young, Homicide, and Hernandez. Mike Tenay says that Rhino has not yet arrived at Genesis and TNA officials are trying to locate him. I haven’t heard if that’s legit or not. The bell for the forthcoming match and it’s Homicide and Sonjay Dutt starting things out. Hip toss from Homicide followed by a Dutt counter. Homicide takes down Dutt in the ring. Jimmy Rave tags in as does Eric Young. Rave and Young lock up and go at it. Crowd is heavily behind Eric Young. Young gets the control but Hernandez tags in. Hernandez comes in over the top rope with a shoulder block on Kiyoshi who is tagged in as well. Kiyoshi and Hernandez go back and forth as Kiyoshi takes a suplex. Homicide is tagged in, they double team Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi takes down Homicide with a spinning heel kick. They cut to a split screen with Jim Cornette pounding on the door of the Main Event Mafia locker room. I can now confirm that the ‘where’s Rhino?’ deal is an angle. Meanwhile, Dutt is tagged in the ring against Homicide. They work back and forth as Homicide connects on a double under hook powerbomb. Homicide goes to the top rope, no one’s home as Dutt tags in Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi and Homicide go back and forth as Kiyoshi gets a two count on Homicide. Kiyoshi tags in Jimmy Rave who takes down Homicide. Rave goes for a cover that Homicide quickly kicks out of. Rave puts his boot across the throat of Homicide. Rave isolates Homicide in his team’s corner as Sonjay Dutt tags in. Scoop slam from Sonjay as he goes to the outside and works Homicide over on the apron inside the ring. Sonjay gets back in and goes for the cover. Dutt tags in Kiyoshi. Kiyoshi and Homicide work in the ring but both make tags. It’s Eric Young and Jimmy Rave as Dutt comes in as well. EY takes out Dutt and hits a belly-to-belly suplex on Jimmy Rave. Kiyoshi tries to make a save bujt goes to the outside. Distracted, Rave takes out Eric Young but Homicide connects on a suicide dive onto the outside. Sonjay Dutt connects on another one over the top rope in an awesome spot. Here comes Hernandez over the top rope onto everyone on the outside. The crowd pops huge. Eric Young and Jimmy Rave get back to the ring first as Young goes for a cover on Rave. Rave counters, Young counters into a Death Valley Driver Attempt. Young connects and gets a two count with Sonjay making the save. Homicide hits a neckbreaker on Sonjay. Young takes out Kiyoshi in the ring. Everything is breaking down as Hernandez takes out Jimmy Rave. Dutt goes off the top and connects on Hernandez with a dropkick off the top rope. Young works on Rave in the ring.

Young hits a dropkick on Sonjay Dutt. Dutt counters with a leg drop and ends up eliminating Young with a pinfall with his legs on the ropes. Homicide is now in versus Dutt. Homicide attempts his finisher, Dutt counters out and tags in Rave. Rave works with Homicide. Roll up from Rave onto Homicide and Homicide is eliminated. Hernandez is all alone as he takes out all three members of the other team. Hernandez removes his tank top and throws Jimmy Rave around like a rag doll. He hits the Cracker Jack on Sonjay Dutt, the crowd pops. Kiyoshi goes for some offense but Hernandez blocks it and hits the Border Toss in the ring. Hernandez eliminates Kiyoshi. Hernandez hits a sitdown powerbomb on Dutt and eliminates him. It’s Rave vs. Hernandez. Rave sets Hernandez up on the top rope, he gets pushed off. Hernandez goes off the top and gets the cover for the three count on Rave. Hernandez is the last man left.

Winner – Hernandez

We’re backstage with Jim Cornette at the Main Event Mafia dressing room door. Cornette confronts Scott Steiner over the whereabouts of Rhino. Steiner says they don’t care about Rhino and to go find someone else. Cornette demands an answer; Steiner says that Rhino is a drunk and that he has been in and out of rehab more times than he can name. Cornette storms off as Steiner slams the door in his face.

Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley
Tournament Final To Crown A New X Division Champion

Alex Shelley is first out for the X Division Championship Tournament finals. This match is for all the marbles as Chris Sabin comes out to an identical music and entrance video. Ring announcer Dave Penzer let it be known that each is representing the Motor City Machineguns. The bell rings and were underway. They lockup wearing identical ring gear. Slow chain wrestling to start things out with each altering control of the match. Shelley works on the leg of Chris Sabin, Sabin counters out but Shelley applies body scissors on the mat. Side headlock from Sabin on Shelley in a counter as both are back to a vertical base. Shelley takes Sabin down, it’s back and forth as can be. The crowd seems to appreciate the hard work. They lock hands and both go for control. They exchange kicks to their legs. Sabin kicks Shelley in the top of the head with a dropkick, sending him to the mat. Arm submission from Sabin on Shelley. Referee Andrew Thomas checks for submission. Both get back to a vertical base and exchange more offense. Shelley ends up knocking Sabin to the outside, Sabin counters, sends Shelley to the outside and connects on a suicide dive to the outside. TNA chants from the crowd as Sabin rolls Shelley back into the ring. Sabin works on Shelley on the apron. Shelley goes to the top rope with Sabin on the apron, Shelley connects on a high-risk spot onto his partner.

We are shown a replay of Shelley’s somersault onto Sabin from the top rope. Sabin lands a backhand chop on Alex Shelley, Shelley counters with chops of his own. Shelley takes Sabin down and connects on a Lion Sault off the ropes. Two count from Shelley onto his partner. Shelley locks Sabin in a modified abdominal stretch with both at a vertical base. Sabin counters with elbows. Sabin goes for the Sliced Bread but can’t get it. Shelley counters with a suplex on Sabin. Sabin counters with a kick to the face of Shelley. Both men are down. Double count out ends when both men get up. Stiff backhand chops are exchanged in the middle of the ring. Inverted atomic drop on Shelley as they both counter. Sabin gains control and goes off the top into a DDT on Shelley. Two count off a great spot. Sabin is on the apron, he springboards off the top into an arm bar from Shelley. Shelley applies the crossface but no submission. They work together at a vertical base once again. Shelley sends Sabin’s face into the turnbuckle with a sudden stop. Sabin hits a great suplex on Shelley to nearly get the three count for the victory.

Shelley connects on another suplex and gets a long two count. Shelley looks frustrated. Shelley goes to the top rope but Sabin meets him with right hands. Sabin goes for a hurricanrana on Shelley off the top but he doesn’t get it. Shelley counters and goes for the Frog Splash off the top, Sabin gets his knees up to block.

Sabin goes off the top but Shelley’s already on his feet. Shelley goes back to the top and hits a Frog Splash. Shelley goes to the other side and hits the Frog Splash again. Two count for Shelley on his partner. This is awesome chant from the crowd as the work continues in the ring. Big clothesline from Sabin onto Shelley. Sabin hits the Cradle Shock but Shelley kicks out at two. Sabin goes for Cradle Shock off the middle rope but Shelley fights out. Shelley hits Sliced Bread and gets a two count. Chop from Shelley as he walks into a boot from Chris Sabin. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread as Shelley is favoring his ankle, trying to pull his shoe off. The referee checks on Shelley as Sabin turns his back and Shelley gets the roll up for the win.

Winner & new X Division Champion – Alex Shelley

Referee Shane Sewell vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir
Grudge Match

Sheik Abdul Bashir is the first participant to ringside. Shane Sewell is out next to a pop from the crowd. He is wearing a referee stripped shirt for his ring gear with matching pants, it looks pretty bad. Sewell rolls Bashir into the ring as the opening bell rings. Sewell goes at it with Bashir in the corner, Sewell bites the head of Sheik Abdul Bashir. Bashir goes to the outside, Sewell follows and bounces his head off the crowd control gate. Sewell bashes Bashir’s head off the apron and flung him into the steel ring steps. Bashir is back in the ring as Earl Hebner warns Sewell. Sewell gets a quick roll-up on Bashir, he kicks out. They exchange shoves in the middle of the ring as Bashir connects with right hands and a backhand chop on Sewell. Shane Sewell counters with a deep arm drag. Sewell goes to work on Bashir on the mat.

Bashir hits a shoulder block after being thrown off the ropes. Cross-body block from Sewell off a counter into a two count. Sheik Abdul Bashir walks to the back. Sewell follows up him the ramp and clubs him from behind. Bashir lays Sewell up on the crowd control gate. Sheik is back in the ring as he tells Hebner to count out Shane Sewell. Sewell stumbles back in the ring only to be greeted by stomps from Bashir. Swinging neck breaker from Bashir onto Sewell. Right hands and elbows followed by a two count. Chops in the corner from Sheik Abdul Bashir as Shane counters with chops of his own. Bashir gets a two count after a modified spinebuster. Bashir works on the back of the head and small of the back of Shane Sewell. Bashir wrenches back on a submission hold but Shane counters out. Bashir sends Sewell into the ropes as Sewell hits a counter, taking both men to the mat.

Shane lands several right hands on Bashir then elevates him with a back body drop. Running clothesline followed by a maneuever on Bashir’s elbow. Side bulldog face plant from Sewell. Bashir counters but Bashir goes off the top rope with a cross-body block into a cover.

Sewell works the knee of Bashir. Sewell locks in the Figure Four leglock on Bashir as Tenay and West tease Ric Flair without mentioning him by name. Bashir drops Sewell on the top rope. Bashir hits several right hands to the face Sewell. Referee Earl Hebner gets involved, slapping Bashir in the face. Bashir chases Hebner around the ring as Sewell hits a clothesline. Sewell rips off his shirt, rolls up Bashir and gets the three count.

Winner – Shane Sewell

Beer Money, Inc. vs. Abyss & Matt Morgan vs. Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed (c)
TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

Abyss comes out first followed by his partner, Matt Morgan. The following match is for the TNA Tag Team Championship. Robert Roode and James Storm come out next, Storm on the Boozer Cruiser and Jacqueline at their side. The TNA Tag Team Champions come out last – Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed. It’s James Storm and Consequences Creed start things out. They both lock up as Creed hits a shoulder block off the ropes on Storm. Storm retreats back to his corner. Creed and Storm lockup as Storm applies a side headlock. Quick action between Creed and Storm as Creed hit a sweet spin kick. Creed pins Storm for a two count. Lethal tags himself in and teases going off the top but Storm tags in Robert Roode. It’s Roode vs. Lethal.

Lethal and Roode lockup and go for control. Roode hits some chops in the corner but Lethal counters with right hands a back drop. Roode tosses Lethal to the apron as Lethal hits a shoulder block then goes off the top with a double sledge. Two count for Lethal on Roode. Consequences Creed tags in, they double team Roode with a clothesline and a dropkick. Creed takes Roode down again and gets a two count. Jacqueline tries to project Robert Roode and ends up getting smashed between him and Storm. All of them connect on spots with Jacqueline finally landing in the crotch of Storm. Roode gets behind Jackie who is in doggy-style position. The crowd chants TNA. Now it’s Lethal and Creed in the ring, Abyss and Morgan on the apron. The champions both hit dives to the outside. Somersault over the top for Creed, suicide dive from Lethal. Matt Morgan goes off the top rope onto Lethal, Creed, Storm, and Roode. Abyss congratulates him on the outside. Abyss puts Roode back in the ring and charges at him. Rood counters but so does Abyss. Roode and Storm finally double team Abyss as Storm is the legal man now against Abyss.

Beer Money hits a double suplex on Abyss. Roode show boats in the ring as he covers Abyss for a two count. Storm tags in, he double teams Abyss with Roode. Abyss dodges a clothesline from Roode and goes for a tag on Matt Morgan. Creed tags himself in and catches Beer Money with a cross-body. Creed takes out Storm then Roode with back body drops. James Storm pokes Creed in the eye. Beer Money tries a double team suplex on Creed but he counters out. Creed and Roode exchange blows. Beer Money goes for another double team as Roode takes Creed down and gets a two count. Storm and Creed work in the corner as Roode is tagged in. Beer Money double teams Creed in the middle of the ring. Roode gets a two count on Creed in the middle of the ring. Sleeper hold is applied from Roode onto Creed. Roode continues to work on Creed with a spinebuster and a cover for a two count. James Storm tags in and lands right hands on Creed. Roode hits blows of his own. Storm taunts Lethal who wants a tag. Storm works on Creed in the corner with his cowboy hat on. Storm charges at Creed but he catches nothing but turnbuckle on the way in.

Creed finally gets the tag on Lethal as it’s him versus Roode. Lethal shines with his fast paced style. Storm comes in, Lethal takes him then continues his assault on Roode. Lethal to the top rope, blind tag from Morgan as he gets a two count on Storm. Abyss gets in and takes out Lethal. Chokeslam into a backbreaker from Abyss onto Lethal. Creed off the top onto Abyss with a dropkick. Morgan takes out Creed in the ring. Roode and Storm work on Morgan in the ring as Roode goes for a suplex. Morgan reverses it and takes out Beer Money together. Roode lets Morgan come to him to regain control. Two count from Roode onto Morgan. The tag title belt is thrown into the ring and Abyss accidentally takes out Morgan. Jacqueline as the referee distracted, Roode has the cover on Abyss but Lethal breaks it up with an elbow off the top rope. Lethal as the pin but the referee leaves the ring with Jacqueline in a distraction. Storm drapes Roode’s arm over the legal man as the referee gets back in the ring to count the three count.

Winners & new TNA Tag Team Champions – Beer Money, Inc.

ODB, Roxxi, & Taylor Wilde vs. Rhaka Khan, Raisha Saeed, & Sojourner Bolt
6-Knockout Tag Team Match

This is the replacement to Awesome Kong vs. Christy Hemme. ODB comes out first followed by Roxxi and Taylor Wilde. Rhaka Khan, Raisha Saeed, and Sojourner Bolt come out next. Sojourner Bolt and Taylor Wilde start things out. Saeed is wearing new ring attire. Wilde hits a hurricanrana on Bolt. Saeed tags in and goes at it with Wilde. Roxxi tags in to go to work on Saeed as Mike Tenay says the winner of the match will get a future TNA Knockout Women’s Championship shot. Roxxi locks Saeed in a submission hold in the middle of the ring, dropping her on her face. ODB tags in, she eats right hands from Raisha Saeed. Saeed tags in Rhaka Khan, ODB grabs Khan and Taylor Wilde tags in for a double team to ensue. Wilde works on Khan in the corner but Khan uses her power to send her to her corner. Bolt and Saeed beat Wilde up on the outside with the referee distracted. Saeed sends Wilde hard into the guard rail. Khan gets a two count on Wilde who is rolled back into the ring. Saeed is tagged in as she stomps Saeed in the face. Scoop slam from Saeed followed by an elbow drop. Two count from Saeed.

Wilde and Saeed go at it as Saeed pulls Wilde back to the center of the ring. A couple of surfboard moves by Saeed as Sojourner Bolt tags in and goes off the top onto Wilde. Submission hold from Bolt as the crowd yells for ODB. Bolt and Wilde are both down in the ring as Wilde is trying to figure out how to make a tag. Bolt makes a tag to Raisha Saeed first. ODB is tagged in. ODB takes Rhaka Khan off the apron as ODB hits a scoop slam on Saeed and Bolt. ODB waits for both to get to their feet and hits a double clothesline. Khan comes in, ODB hits a fall away slam on her. ODB hits a running powerslam on Rhaka Khan, Bolt makes the save. The match breaks down with Roxxi holding Khan and Bolt for Wilde to go to the outside. Saeed is going at it with ODB in the ring. ODB connects a quick roll-up out of a small package for the three count.

Winners – ODB, Roxxi, & Taylor Wilde with ODB winning a future title shot

Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle

The match starts before they even bring up the lights with Kurt Angle going to his back first. Angle spits out his mouth piece off stiff shots from Jarrett. Jarrett sends Angle into the turnbuckles. Angle starts to counter, sending Jarrett off the ropes into a sleeper. Low blow counter from Jarrett as he puts Angle on his shoulders. This is a no disqualification match as Jarrett sends Angle to the outside. Right in the middle of the match, they go split screen where Rhino is backstage tearing apart the locker room. In the arena, Jarrett sends Angle into the guard rail. Jarrett sends Angle into the guard rail and throws a beer at him that he got from a fan at ringside. Jarrett rolls Angle back in the ring. Angle knockouts Jarrett off the apron when he was trying to get back in, causing him to land on the steel guard rail.

Angle slams Jarrett’s head down on the steel ring steps. Angle rolls Jarrett back into the ring. The crowd is into the match. Angle connects on a quick snap suplex for a cover. Angle stomps the face of Jarrett in the ring. Angle takes down Jarrett and gets a two count. Angle locks in a sleeper on Jarret in the middle of the ring. The referee checks for submission. Angle wrenches back on the hold, wearing down Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett gets back to his feet, backing Angle down with elbows. A couple of counters are exchanged as Angle hits a belly-to-belly release suplex. Angle gets a two count. Angle has Jarrett in a sleeper on the mat. Jarrett finally get back to a vertical base and backs Angle down with elbows. Angle counters and goes for the Olympic Slam but Jarrett counters with a deep arm drag. Jarrett sends Angle over the top rope in an insane spot. Suicide dive from Jarrett onto Angle over the top rope. Jarrett and Angle fight on the outside. Angle sends Jarrett into West and Tenay at the broadcast position. Angle clocks Jeff Jarrett with the ring bell. The referee shouts at him on the ramp as Jarrett is busted open. Angle hits Jarrett very stiff with right hands and slams his head into the announce table. Angle kicks Jarrett in the face, he’s bleeding bad. Right hands from Angle onto Jarrett up the ramp. Jarrett counters with a DDT. Jarrett has blood everywhere as he’s wearing a crimson mask. Jarrett works with Angle at the top of the entrance with stiff rights. It looks like Angle is busted open now as well. Jarrett knocks Angle off the stage but Angle gets back on. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Jarrett off the stage through a table onto concrete. Insane spot.

Jarrett and Angle are both crawling around as Angle tries to crawl back to the ring, spitting out of his mouth. Jarrett gets up to his feet but Angle is still crawling at ringside. Angle gets back into the ring, followed by Jarrett. They both get to their feet and exchange right hands. Blow after blow, neither lets the other get an edge. They go off the ropes, intensifying their shots. Two make it three clotheslines from Jarrett followed by a double underhook DDT. Two count for Jarrett. Jarrett goes for the Stroke but Angle counters with the ankle lock. It’s locked in as Jarrett goes for the ropes. Kurt pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Jarrett is finally able to roll through the hold, sending Kurt to the outside. Kurt goes for a chair and gets back in the ring with it. Jarrett ducks it and lands a dropkick on the chair to Angle’s face. Stroke from Jarrett as he only gets a two count! Jarrett puts Kurt up on the top turnbuckle, he’s going for a superplex. Angle fights it off and pushes Jarrett back down to the mat. Dropkick off the top from Angle onto Jarrett. Angle Slam and a two count on Jarrett! Angle takes the straps to his singlet down and goes back for the ankle lock. Jarrett kicks him away, Angle goes shoulder first at Jarrett but Jarrett counters. Jarrett has a guitar in his hand as the crowd pops. Angle hits a low blow which causes Jarrett to drop the guitar.

Angle now has the guitar, he grabs the chair as well. He holds the guitar up then the chair – the crowd wants the guitar but Angle uses the chair in true heel-like fashion. Stiff chair shot from Angle on Jarrett for a two count. Angle grabs the referee by his throat. He turns around and Jarrett kicks him, Angle locks in the ankle lock. Ankle lock is applied on Jarrett as he goes for the ropes. Jarrett rolls through the hold again for a two count. Angle lifts Jarrett up but Jarrett counters with a DDT. Jarrett picks up his guitar that’s already busted. He throws it down and grabs the steel chair. Angle gets to his feet and eats a chair shot. Jarrett gets a two count on Angle but there is a quick reversal and Angle gets the pinfall victory.

Winner – Kurt Angle

Sting (c) vs. Rhino
TNA Championship Match

Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the formal introductions. The following match is for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Rhino comes to the ring with his head wrapped because of the ‘attack’ earlier today by the Main Event Mafia. Sting comes out with the TNA Championship belt. Rhino goes at Sting before Sting can even get his shirt off. Rhino is drawing heat from the crowd. Blood is flowing down Rhino’s face as he goes to work on Sting on the outside. Rhino throws Sting into the guard rail. Sting finally starts to counter, sending Rhino into the guard rail. The crowd cheers Sting as he bashes Rhino’s head off the steel. Sting slams the bloody head of Rhino into the TNA Championship belt on the announce table. The crowd pops like crazy for Sting in the ring as he follows up his attack. Sting just pushed Rhino from the top turnbuckle to the outside. Rhino is down on the outside and being counted out. Sting finally gets his shirt off and throws it into the crowd. Rhino gets in the ring to eat boots from Sting. Rhino’s bleeding as Sting assaults him in the ring.

Sting applies a bear hug on Rhino, both are at a vertical base. Rhino tries to break the hold, he finally is successful but Sting locks the bear huge right back. Sting wrenches back on the submission hold as Rhino hits clubbing blows until Sting breaks the hold. Sting reapplies it as soon as it is broken. Sting nearly gets the TKO but before Rhino’s arm drops for the third time, he gets some momentum. Rhino breaks the hold and takes out Sting. Even after the show-wide angle, Rhino is drawing heat from the crowd. Two count from Rhino. Rhino hits Gore out of nowhere as Sting rolls to the outside. Rhino rolls the Champion back in the ring and climbs to the top rope. He goes off but nobody’s home. Sting gets the crowd pumped up as he locks in the Scorpion Death Lock. Rhino grabs the rope but Sting pulls him back to the middle of the ring. Rhino finally gets back to the ropes and the hold is broken. Sting goes for the Scorpion again but Rhino pushes him away. Belly-to-belly suplex from Rhino onto the Champion. Heat from the crowd as Rhino sizes Sting up for Gore. Sting gets out of the way and hits the Scorpion Death Drop to get the three count.

Winner & still TNA Champion – Sting

Mick Foley, AJ Styles, & Brother Devon vs. TNA Legends Champion Booker T, Cute Kip, & Scott Steiner
Mick Foley’s In-Ring Return

Scott Steiner and Booker T are out first with Sharmell. Booker gets on the microphone and thanks the crowd. He says that he is sorry to inform everyone that Kevin Nash — who he refers too as the best big man in the business — will not be here tonight. Booker says that Nash suffered a staph infection in his elbow. He says that they have found an exceptional replacement… he introduces… get ready… CUTE KIP! Kip James gets on the mic and says that he has the credentials to be standing there. He says not to let the Cute Kip thing throw everyone off, he is a true bad ass. He puts himself over as a former tag champion, IC Champion, and Hardcore Champion. He says that the Carolina Panthers absolutely suck. Brother Devon comes out followed by AJ Styles. Mick Foley comes out last, wearing Brother Ray’s flannel. All six men are in the ring and it starts with everyone going after one another. Foley on Kip, Styles on Steiner, Brother Ray on Booker T. Styles and Steiner are on the outside, Booker and Ray are going up the ramp. Foley and Kip James are in the ring. Foley climbs the middle rope and teases a spot to the outside. He goes down to the apron as the Main Event Mafia regroup at the bottom of the ramp.

It’s Styles and Kip now starting things out in the ring. They lockup and both go for control. Kip pushes AJ down, he gets up and attacks him. Side headlock from AJ, he lands on his feet out of a Kip counter. Sick dropkick from Styles. TNA Legends Champion Booker T tags in, Styles tags in Brother Devon. Devon attacks Booker as Booker argues with Styles. Devon backs Booker down with right hands. Booker hits a heel kick in a counter. Chop from Booker but Devon comes back with a right hand. Mick Foley is tagged in, he goes to work on Booker. They double team the Legends Champion. Running knee by Foley for a two count. Foley tags in Styles who goes back on offense against Booker. Booker counters and tags back in Kip James. They double team Styles. Styles counters on Kip but a knee right in the gut stomps him. Kip pushes Styles into his corner but he takes out Steiner and Booker. Kip hits a boot on AJ in a counter and tags in Scott Steiner. Steiner hits some offense including a Steiner Line and his elbow drop. Backhand chop to the chest of AJ as he puts him in the Main Event Mafia corner. Booker T tags in with AJ isolated in their corner. Booker works over AJ in the turnbuckles. Right hands from the Legends Champion. Styles counters with a variation of the Pelee. Kip James tags in but Styles hits the Pelee. Foley and Devon both want a tag.

Mick Foley tags in and takes out Kip, followed by Booker T who gets in. Foley takes on Steiner on the apron but Steiner gets in and goes at it with Foley. The match breaks down again as Devon and Steiner fight by the rail. Booker and Styles are outside as well. The referee calls for the bell, counting all men out. Jim Cornette comes out on the mic and says he’s been coming to Charlotte, North Carolina for 25 years now and they don’t do things like that here. Cornette orders that the match be restarted. Booker gets on the mic and tells Cornette that he doesn’t have the authority to do that so the match is over. Booker drops the mic but Foley gets on one. Foley says Booker is right, Cornette doesn’t have the authority but he does. Foley says we’re going to restart the match under hardcore rules.

Steiner connects on a garbage can shot on Devon. Styles and Booker work in the ring as Styles connects on a dropkick. Trash can is in the ring. Foley has a trash can pull of weapons as Styles throws a trash can at Booker in the ring. The crowd chants ‘we want tables’ as Foley works with Booker on the outside. AJ connects hard to the head of Steiner with the trash can. Booker sends Foley over the announce table on the outside with a back-body drop. Styles hits a trash can lid on Booker. Foley and Booker work behind the announcers as Foley drops Booker on the guard rail. Devon brings out some tables from under the ring as Foley helps him set one up. Foley gets on top of the broadcast table but Booker hits a low blow on him. Kip is on the table on the outside, AJ flies over the top into a Frog Splash on him. That was awesome! Steiner and Devon are working on the top rope, Devon fights him off. Devon goes off the top onto Steiner with the diving headbutt. Booker comes in and gives Devon the axe kick. Spin-a-roni attempt from Booker but he eats the Mandible Claw and Mr. Socko. Steiner in for the save. Steiner delivers a chair shot right to the back of Foley. Booker and Steiner both get caught up in Foley offense. Foley uses a chair to intensify his attack. Mick hits a DDT on Steiner on a chair in the ring. Foley pins Steiner for the win.

Winners – Mick Foley, Brother Devon, & AJ Styles

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