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USA Today’s Brian Truitt recently spoke with Triple H, Booker T and Chris Jericho about the return of Tough EnoughThe full interview can be found at this link.

During the interview, Triple H spoke about taking the show to the next level:

“Our athletes and performers make what we do look very easy because they’re very, very good at it. People lose perspective of how difficult it is. You ostensibly have the opportunity to see an icon 20 years from now at Wrestlemania where you can say, ‘I remember seeing the day that they walked into the Performance Center and ran drills and threw up in the garbage can.'”

Triple H also addressed the most important quality in a potential superstar, their charisma:

“It’s the hardest thing to teach. It’s that guy who walks in the door and everybody stops and says, ‘Who’s that?’ It’s the girl who walks in and doesn’t have to be the hottest chick, but there’s something about her that you’re just like, ‘Wow, look at her.’ “

The new series of “Tough Enough” premieres tonight at 8pm EST on the USA Network and will also be available on the WWE YouTube channel at the same time.

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