Triple H Media Call Recap: NXT Talent on Raw/Smackdown, Growing NXT UK, Survivor Series Creative Collaboration

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Paul Levesque, better known as Triple H, took the time to speak with members of the media today in preparation for this weekend’s NXT Takeover: WarGames event, as well as the first tri-branded Survivor Series pay-per-view in WWE history. Below is a recap from the conference call: 

— When asked about NXT talent appearing on Raw/SD in the future Triple H says “never say never” but believes the split between the brands will be more apparent after Sunday. The travel issues in Saudi Arabia afforded them a unique opportunity to do something different, and he thinks the inclusion of the NXT talents has made for something special, but it’s got to be done sparingly and judicially.

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— Johnny Gargano’s condition is “day-to-day” right now.

— Triple H says there has been a “working process” and a collaboration between the NXT/Raw/Smackdown creative teams. It wasn’t necessarily the plan to begin with, but he says it’s been “really fun” so far. There have been challenges trying to figure out who can appear when and where, because there’s so many shows and things going on, and sometimes plans change between Monday and Friday.

— He talks a bit about how NXT isn’t produced with the big, long-running teams that Raw and Smackdown has that have been doing the job for years and years. A lot of their people on the job are still cutting their teeth, and he likes it that way.

— With regards to NXT UK he says the product needs to slow-build and develop itself over a long period of time, and sink in deep, one step at a time rather than an all-out rush to trying to build this huge thing overnight. Puts over the people working on the brand day-to-day.

— Triple H has no interest in competing in the ring for the NXT brand.

— He was asked about WWE stars asking for their releases, and the strategy to let them go vs. enforcing their contracts. Triple H says in some cases, there are legit reasons for people wanting to get out and do their thing. But if you have a problem, come to him and the NXT staff and talk to them about it, don’t go on social media for the “clicks”. He says they all have phones, they have each other’s numbers, just deal with your business like a “professional”. I wonder who that was about…

— Triple H was asked about why there was no triple threat match at Survivor Series between the top singles champions. He said the Lesnar/Mysterio story was so strong that it needed to take place now, so it changed the dynamic and everything else had to fall into place. That led to The Fiend and Daniel Bryan, as well as Adam Cole now defending his title.

— When asked about how Adam Cole is doing in his position: “I can’t say enough good things about Adam Cole. Consummate pro. Represents us well. Well-spoken and smart. He has it all, and there’s no place he hasn’t been in the last month or two. On short notice he gets in there with one of the best performers on the planet, Daniel Bryan, and he tears the place down. Gets to Fox, goes on WWE Backstage, and represents himself well. People were sending me notes all day saying, ‘This kid’s a star!’ He just has it. He’s humble, he’s smart, and he’s a sponge for the business. Wants to know everything and more. He’s a leader in the locker room, and just has it all. I can’t say enough good stuff about him.”

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