Triple H On Ronda Rousey WWE Signing Possibly Opening the Door For Other Top Athlete Deals, Women’s Revolution, More

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WWE star and Executive Triple H recently spoke with FOX News ahead of WrestleMania 34, and below are some interview highlights:

On Ronda Rousey WWE signing possibly opening the door for other top athletes to sign with WWE:

“I do, you know the performance center and our recruiting efforts have sort of changed that perception outside of our world anyway. There’s been a lot of, whether it be NFL players or soccer globally or anything else that have had a desire maybe to try and want to do this but never had that pathway in front of them. The pathway is now there, I say it all the time: What I’m doing internationally with all these other markets is I’m trying to create pathways. I’m bringing a recruiting team there trying to create an environment where if somebody says “Man, I love that, and I’d like to try and do that,” there’s a way for them to do that. Ronda took that path that wasn’t there before. We created that path, she came to us; she approached us probably about the same time we approached her, but the pathway was there and I think now she will open a lot of eyeballs of athletes around the world to say “Well, why can’t I?””

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On the importance of women in WWE being featured more prominently in a male-dominated profession:

“I think the word male dominated is changing, right? And I think that’s the great thing. I have said it since the beginning of me getting involved with the development of talent… I don’t see the difference [between men and women], I just see talent. It doesn’t matter to me, male, female, doesn’t matter; where they’re from in the world, doesn’t matter. I just want the best. I want the best athletes, most personality, people that fans are going to be captivated by their personalities and their personas and want to see them perform. And then knowing that as athletes they’ll be able to put on a show like no one else can. That is the goal. For me, I think it is phenomenal, but I’m happy that I feel like soon we’ll be getting to a point where it’s no longer a big deal because it just is. It’s not a male dominated anything… It’s WWE, and it’s for anybody.”

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