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Tyler Breeze appeared on the Sam Roberts’ Wrestling Podcast to discuss his role in NXT and #1 contender Apollo Crews. Here are the highlights of what he said about:

Getting opportunities in NXT:

“You could really look at it from a couple of different perspectives. [The way] I like to look at it, basically, is those are opportunities. Anytime they are going to say, ‘hey, we’re going to put you on NXT [TakeOver]: Brooklyn in front of 16,000 people with a legend like Jushin Thunder Liger,’ it’s not like you’re going to be like, ‘ah, damn!’ That’s something that’s really cool that nobody before me got to wrestle Liger in a WWE ring. I’m the only person and the first person to ever do that, so that’s an opportunity for me. It doesn’t really matter what the end result is.”

Apollo Crews:

“Crews is someone who nobody has really seen a lot of him yet. He’s brand new. He’s fresh to the company and he’s fresh to the audience. And the audience wants to see more from him. They want to see him in a spot to [see] ‘does he have what it takes to be in a 10 minute match, a 15 minute match, a 20 minute match?’ and if I’m the person that has the opportunity to show everybody that, then I kind of take pride in that. That’s another opportunity for me too. As much as it highlights him, I think it highlights me as well.”

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