US won’t start war with Iran… at least that’s what prominent coup enthusiast Rubio says

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The pullout of non-emergency government staff from Iraq is not a “prelude” to an attack but a precaution, Senator Marco Rubio has explained on his Twitter. Many users, however, perceive it to be laying the groundwork for war.

Rubio took a break from tweeting non-stop in support of the US regime-change activities in Venezuela on Wednesday, shifting his efforts towards another potential flashpoint – Iran.

The senator took to his social media of choice and tried hard to explain why US activities in the Middle East are not actually preparations for war with Tehran. In fact, it’s the Iranians who are seeking to harm Americans, the senator claimed, assuring his followers that Washington won’t start a war, but “it will win one that Iran starts.”

Rubio issued a whole thread on why the US State Department’s decision to pull out “non-emergency” diplomatic staff from Iraq should not be perceived as preparation for war. The senator claimed that Tehran is plotting to inflict “mass casualties” on US citizens, using “proxy forces” in Iraq and Yemen, citing “clear and persistent evidence, supported by observable movements on the ground.”

Sadly, Rubio did not provide any actual proof for such an accusation, backing it up only with further allegations. He claimed that Iran spent “years” on building such an attack capability…

…As well as honed its internet trolling skills to further influence those, who distrust the US authorities.

The alleged preparations for attacks on Americans might have been provoked by the recent US designation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation, Rubio explained. All in all, “Iran need to know that if they are attacked a UNITED States of America will respond decisively,” the senator concluded.

The Twitter crowd was largely unconvinced by the senator’s claims. The mere fact that the top cheerleader of the US-backed coup in Venezuela has now shifted his attention towards Iran prompted many to demand actual proof for the alleged activities attributed to Tehran.

Many users pointed out that the whole anti-Iran hysteria looks exactly like the pre-Iraqi war one – just without brandishing any shady test tubes in the UN.

Others encouraged Rubio to take part in the war personally, or, at least, send his own children into it instead of just talking tough on Twitter.

Some users, however, looked deeper into the whole warmongering and suggested that it might be a re-election strategy of Donald Trump, invoking ironically his old tweets accusing then-President Barack Obama of the very same thing.

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