VIDEO: Alberto Del Rio Shoots On CM Punk's WWE Departure

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Former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio recently sat down with the folks at WrestleTalk TV for an in-depth “shoot” style interview.

During the discussion, Del Rio spoke about CM Punk walking out on WWE.

“He went from driving 1000 miles to get 30 dollars, and he made it to the big stage,” said Del Rio. “But there was one day he wasn’t happy what was going on.”

The former WWE Champion also recalled how Punk’s walk-out affected him on the night that it happened.

“I had a match with Kofi Kingston that night for Raw, and it was only to be eight minutes,” said Del Rio. “[Referee] Mike Chioda approached me and said ‘We need for you to do another 14 minutes.'”

“He’s a guy that believes what he’s saying, what he’s thinking, and because of that he has all of the respect in the world (from me),” said Del Rio of Punk.

You can check out an excerpt from the interview where Del Rio discusses Punk’s WWE departure below.

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