Vince McMahon Speaks on the FOX TV Deal, Possibility of Selling WWE

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The Variety interview with Vince McMahon is making the headlines right now and with good reason. WWE’s CEO rarely gives interviews outside of the company, so much of what he said is indeed turning heads among pro wrestling fans.

One of the items Vince talked about was WWEs billion dollar deal with the FOX Network, which will see SmackDown Live moved in the fall of 2019. FOX was reportedly “super aggressive” in its dealings with WWE and the network is committed to backing Vince McMahon’s company. That backing includes promoting WWE during NFL games, but fans can expect more than that from both sides.

“WWE talent will be appearing on [Fox] programming,” McMahon says. “It’s going to be a totally integrated approach. We’ve never had a platform like this in terms of promotion. Fox is going to go all-in, and they’re great promoters.” He adds, “NBCU is going to step up as well to the equivalent of what Fox is going to do.”

FOX’s desire to focus on sports programming led the company to Vince McMahon, thanks to WWE’s original content that airs live every week of the year. While many fans are curious as to how this new partnership will develop over the next five years, it’s obvious that both FOX and WWE are confident in their ability to make it work.

But one of the most interesting parts of the McMahon interview was the moment when Vince was asked whether or not he would ever sell WWE. Vince responded only with “We’re open for business.”

WWE is in a great position right now and much of that is obviously thanks to the FOX deal. Ratings are down and the overall product has not been well received by fans. But Vince McMahon’s company is moving forward and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon.

The company that embodies modern professional wrestling has been on a growth rampage during the past 18 months: Its stock price has more than doubled as the company has found itself with the right assets at the right moment

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— Variety (@Variety) May 14, 2019

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