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Vince Russo recently published a new editorial looking at MVP’s recent turn in TNA and turns in professional wrestling in general. The following is an excerpt from the article:


Yeah, you got that right–-that’s why I put it in bold type. Here–-I will say it again:


Not to be disrespectful to any one reading this, because that’s not my purpose at all–remember, I’m a Professor now, so I have to lead by example–but, I don’t think that the wrestling fan truly understands that a “turn” is not a “turn” at all, but rather a character “reacting” when faced with a certain set of circumstances, a certain situation–-or–a certain conflict. It’s that character –staying true to himself–at that point in time–under the cirmcumstances/situation given. In other words–-there is NO TURN at all–-the character is just reacting to what’s now been handed to him.

Let me explain–-and I’ll do it with MVP.

Upon his arrival in TNA as the “Director of Business Operations”, MVP clearly told us the story of his checkered past: life on the streets, his gang affiliation, doing time in jail for breaking the law, etc. MVP then went on to explain that he was given a “second chance in life”, and that he was very grateful for this opportunity in TNA.”

OK–-so from a storytelling POV (point of view) MVP has just explained to us his background–-his past–who he was at another time in his life.

So from there, MVP goes on and conducts himself in a professional manner as the Director of Wrestling Operations at TNA. He’s all about truth, justice and the AMERICAN WAY!!”

Russo goes way more in-depth on this topic in the full piece, which you can read right now at

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