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Last night, Impact Wrestling aired its first match on Twitch, featuring oVe vs LAX in Barbed Wire Massacre III.

Above is the complete match, which has since been released on YouTube. The bout did not air on Impact Wrestling on POP TV last night, as Impact ran with the storyline claiming the bout would be “too violent” to air on TV, so instead the match aired via Twitch in order to push Impact’s new relationship with the streaming service.

Below is an excerpt from Mike Killam’s live coverage report of Impact Wrestling last night, and it details the final moments of Barbed Wire Massacre III:

At this point all six guys are pretty much dead. Jake has one last gasp of life and sends both himself and Ortiz crashing through a table on the floor, since there was no longer ropes or wire on that side of the ring to stop their momentum. Callihan delivers a Tombstone Piledriver on Santana through two chairs and a baseball bat all wrapped up in an entire spool of barbed wire, but somehow that mother f–ker still managed to kick out.

Now pissed off, he picked up Santana and hit him with another piledriver, then directed traffic as Dave Crist set up a ladder and two tables in the ring. Dave climbed the ladder and looked to fly, but Konnan hit the ring and blasted Callihan with a baseball bat covered in wire, then threw Dave off the ladder and out of the ring. Homicide fought with Jake up the ladder and then literally hammered a bunch of wooden steaks into his skull. He hit a superplex off the ladder, sending them both crashing through two tables, and LAX finally got the pin.

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