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A marvelous game in pool A. France sparked to 3-1 win over Brazil and revenged for Friday’s sucker failure. “Les Bleues’’ totally dominated the backcourt with excellent digs of Jenia Grebennikov and all rest of French and perfect counterattacks completed by Ervin Ngapeth. As a result, Brazil was inefficient in spiking.


Brazil – France 1 – 3 (27-29, 25-23, 22-25, 19-25)

Brazil: Bruno 2, Dante 3, Eder 11,Wallace 12, Lucarelli 21, Lucas 15, Mario Jr. (L) and Vissitto 2, William, Mauricio Silva 5, Mauricio Souza
France: Toniutti 2, Lyneel 12, Hardy-Dessources 11, Sidibe 18, Ngapeth 26, Le Roux 8, Grebennikov (L) and Rafael Redwitz, Moreau 1

Setter Bruno Rezende´s serve gave Brazil the lead (6-4) in the beginning of the set. The serve and block of France started to work and the Europeans jumped ahead (11-9). They then streaked ahead with three points in a row.  Les Bleues and all seemed to be fine when the Friday’s evil spirits returned and France wasted the full advantage with mistakes of Kevin Le Roux and successful Brazil’s blocks (24-24). Then, Canarinhos even came out ahead, but France regained the lead and finally closed  the first set with a block of middle blocker Le Roux, who repaid his guilt (29-27).

Brazil jumped to a 8-6 lead in the second set. God defenses and serves got the Europeans 18-15 in front, but scarely did they gained the break, when the mentor, Bernardo Rezende, made a double classic substitution with William and Vissotto on the court what resulted a draw. Later, there were a compensated fight till 22-23 for France. The offspring of Napoleon lost one point and then Rafael Redwitz (brought in earlier) set up two first tempos in a row, but both missed by Kevin Le Roux.  

France got back better in the third set going 9-6 and 16-13 up. Brazil was not able to exert pressure on opponent’s receivers by its serve. While Julian Lyneel absolutely took advantage a block and Ervin Ngapeth ridiculed a giant Vissotto. Brazil improved in the end of the set but the Europeans hold the advantage and won the set 25-22.

The fourth set was close. In the first technical time out, Brazil had the lead (8-7). France improved in the set and got the lead (11-10). France continue the momentum in the set, going 19-16 and closing the set 25-19 and the match 3-1.

French spiker Earvin Ngapeth was the match’s top scorer with 26 points. Ricardo Lucarelli led the Brazilian scoring with 21 points.

Team stats:

          Brazli            FranceSpike points         55            62Spike %         44%            48%Block         11            13Serve          5             3Dig         41            53Reception
         34%            29%Running sets note         11.5            6.5


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