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— Last night’s episode of WWE Superstars scored a 0.53 cable rating, with 528,000 viewers. The midnight replay drew a 0.2 cable rating, with 163,000 viewers.

— Melina posted a video entry today on YouTube entitled “I’m OK!!!” in response to fan concerns of her lack of tweeting as of late as well as recent online rumors. It was reported earlier this week by www.f4wonline.com that she has heat with company officials and was soundly defeated on Monday’s Raw as a result.

“It’s easier to make up stuff or to say things and to kind of believe in the the worst than to just accept things the way they are,” she said in response to ‘rumors going around’. “Things just happen the way they do and you just got to take it with stride. You know, you can’t win them all and things can’t be perfect and awesome all the time. But, you can make the situation the best that you can.”

The multi-time champion also shows off a very large bag of Skittles sent to her by the confectionery company and discusses her Halloween costume.

— Adam Atherton, who performed as Rudy Parker in WWE’s developmental promotion Florida Championship, wrote on his Facebook page that he asked to be released from his contract earlier this month because he was denied a raise by organization officials and was therefore unable to afford to pay back his student loans.

*BREAKING* – WWE re-signs former Intercontinental Champion ->

source: www.pwinsider.com

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