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WWE Heat Report: 4th May 2008
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Josh Mathews
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome aboard. We begin with a recap of the Fatal Four Way elimination match from Backlash this past Sunday. It’s time to play the Game once again. Onto this week’s Heat. Three matches on cue. We begin with….

Shad Gaspard w/JTG vs Charlie Haas
Straight off the bat, the announcers discuss the chaotic ECW announcer walkout. Shad cheekily pinches a fan’s hat on his way out before tossing it back. Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. JTG asks Shad what’s really hood? Shad says that right now, Cryme Tyme are about to take on a white boy so white, that when the cops pull him over, they let him go. Ouch! Haas interrupts a Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah chant. Haas doesn’t look impressed to say the least. Grisham doesn’t get Shad’s joke. Josh says he’ll explain it to him later. Lockup to the corner. Haas fakes getting punched to fool the referee. Haas stuns Shad with a sucker punch. Haas gets all over Shad with clubs and a choke in the ropes. Haas rams Shad’s head into the corner then lands two battering rams to the gut. Haas continues to punch, Shad reverses off the ropes and lands a backbodydrop. Shad hits a shoulder tackle, clothesline, then fires up. JTG scampers around outside then underneath the ring as Shad misses a charge and goes shoulder first into the ringpost. JTG runs around on the outside with Haas’ mask. Haas goes outside, tries to get his mask and looks confused when he can’t find it. Haas sees JTG with it from the opposite side of the outside. JTG puts the mask on as a distracted Haas gets back in the ring at a referee’s seven count. Haas walks into a right hand from Shad. Shad finishes Haas off with a downward spiral. 1-2-3. Fun, short opener. Here is Your Winner: SHAD GASPARD. Post match, JTG gives Shad props on the mic for his win. JTG asks who wants a piece of WWE history as he pulls off the mask. The mask is about to go on bid as JTG asks the fans to open up their hearts and their wallets. The bidding is going to start right about……… now. Cryme Tyme haggle from $10 up and sell Haas’ mask for $30. Haas looks on pissed from the ring. Shad reveals another satisfied customer before Cryme Tyme deliver their slogan. If you desire it, we’ll acquire it. JTG hollas at us as Shad starts another Money, Money, Yeah, Yeah chant.

Snitsky vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Grisham thinks Snitsky will have his hands full….seriously. Grisham says Snitsky’s in a bad mood because he feels disrespected at not getting a title match and having to wait his turn. I think he’ll have to wait a lot longer. Grisham can’t remember the last time Snitsky got beat and mentions his impressive win/loss record. If you’re talking about his Heat record then it’s second to none, but Raw, that’s a different story Grish. Snitsky shoves Hacksaw to the corner and snarls. Hacksaw gets the crowd behind him to rile Snitsky. Snitsky tosses Hacksaw to the corner again but misses an elbow charge. Hacksaw unloads with punches then turns to jawjack with the referee. Snitsky boots then rams Hacksaw’s head into the corner. Snitsky works over Hacksaw in the corner with boots, a punch and a boot choke with an outstretched foot. Snitsky knees the gut before sending Hacksaw off the ropes. Hacksaw ducks a lunge then tries two clotheslines….nothing. Hacksaw fires up before charging into a knee to the gut. Snitsky chokes Hacksaw in the middle rope with a knee wedged into the back. Snitsky stomps the back before ramming it into the corner. Snitsky lands two battering rams to the gut. Snitsky pulls Hacksaw from the corner by the leg and drops an elbow for a nearfall. Snitsky clubs at Hacksaw’s chest. Hacksaw tries to punch back but Snitsky cuts him off with a knee to the gut. Snitsky yells at Hacksaw to get up before trapping him in a bearhug. A headbutt fails to break Snitsky’s grip so Hacksaw uses elbows to the head to get free. Hacksaw runs into a shoulder tackle. Snitsky fires up then misses a legdrop. Hacksaw punches Snitsky into the corner. Snitsky reverses an Irish whip, Hacksaw avoids a charge and Snitsky gets his foot tied up in the corner. Hacksaw sets up for the three point stance clothesline but runs into a boot to the mush. Snitsky hobbles into a cover. 1-2-3. No pumphandle slam? Ooops I forgot. Hacksaw doesn’t take bumps. Slow, plodding and boring. For once, not Snitsky’s fault either. Give Hacksaw’s spot on the roster to someone more able, young and hungry. Here is Your Winner: SNITSKY. Post match, Snitsky favours his leg as he snarls around the ring.

“The Canadian Bulldog” D.H. Smith vs Hardcore Holly
Main Event slot. Smith sneers at fans on his way out. Holly comes out alone, carrying his World Tag Team title belt. Josh mentions Holly’s rough style but Grisham tips Smith if it becomes a mat contest. Let’s see. A lockup leads to a stalemate. After a few early side headlocks, a cocky Smith gains the advantage with a few shoulder tackles. Holly finally roars back with two shoulder tackles of his own followed by punches and a shove off the ropes. Smith cowers to the ropes as the referee steps in. Smith boots the gut, rams Holly’s head into the corner then lands punches. Holly reverses Smith off the ropes and connects with a dropkick sending Smith rolling to the outside. Heat cuts away for a Smackdown/ECW Survivor Series UK tour plug. We’re back as Smith sends Holly off the ropes. Smith goes to lift Holly up, Holly slips behind but lands awkwardly on his knee. Holly punches Smith but Smith kicks at the knee to put Holly down. Smith goes to work on the knee by wrenching it into the mat a couple of times. Smith drops down an elbow then sits on Holly’s knee. Holly punches at Smith’s chest to get free. Smith kicks the knee, snapmares Holly, then drops a leg across the knee. Smith ties up Holly’s legs and uses his own boot to apply pressure to Holly’s knee. Smith keeps the hold applied while forearming Holly in the head and talking trash. Once again, Holly uses punches to break free from Smith’s grip. Holly goes to the corner. Smith ties Holly’s knee up in the ropes and yanks away at it. Holly cuts off a rope whip and goes for the Alabama slam but his knee buckles and Smith is able to get back to his feet and kick Holly down again. Smith boots Holly in the gut, then comes off the ropes, and uses a drop toehold hook to trip Holly and apply a leg grapevine to Holly’s knee. Grisham asks if Holly’s ever tapped out. He has but not for a long time. Holly inches to the ropes but Smith manages to drag him back. Holly refuses to quit as Smith switches to a modified STF. Holly finally gets to the ropes as Grisham dubs Smith as a student of the game. Grisham then says Smith learnt the STF from John Cena. Try the Hart dungeon Grisham you idiot. Smith pulls Holly away from the ropes by the leg. After kicking at the knee some more, Smith applies another leglock but Holly uses strong punches to get free. Smith kicks the knee from behind then several times from the front. Smith rests Holly’s knee against the bottom rope and lands a sitdown shot to it. Smith motions he wants to snap Holly’s knee. Smith attempts another sitdown shot but Holly uses his other leg to kick Smith over the top rope to the floor. Holly goes out to punch then throw Smith back in. Holly gets in, ducks a Smith lunge and lands some punches. Holly sends Smith off the ropes who telegraphs a backbodydrop with a boot to the head. Smith charges into a slightly botched high knee to the jaw. Smith rests in the ropes. Holly delivers his patented gut kick then executes the Alabama slam. 1-2-3. Solid main event that told a good story. Nice matwork from Smith too. Here is Your Winner: HARDCORE HOLLY. Post match, Holly raises his World Tag Team title belt as the crowd cheer.

Grisham shills for Raw in Toronto tomorrow night, before thanking us for watching to end the show.

Best match: D.H. Smith vs Hardcore Holly.
Worst match: Snitsky vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan.
Show verdict: Thumbs in the middle. The opening and closing matches were fine but there was a lot of Raw filler and Hacksaw nonsense in-between. Hopefully we have four matches on next week’s show.

I hope the rumours aren’t true and that Heat isn’t getting cancelled in June as an international broadcast and being a pure webshow. I prefer watching it on TV to the internet. Have a good week and I’ll see you back here as always next weekend. Shaun.

If anyone wants to sound off, chew the fat or talk wrestling get in touch. Comments/praise/feedback/criticism/discussion points please direct to shaunmb1@hotmail.com.

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