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WWE Heat Report-5th August 2007
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Commentators: Todd Grisham & Jonathan Coachman
Ring Announcer: Lilian Garcia

Welcome aboard. Three matches on hand this week so let’s get to it. We begin with………………

William Regal vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Coachman notes Regal’s reliability and the ability to count on him as he ducks outside during Hacksaw’s entrance. Hacksaw starts the first of many USA chants. Regal gets in, Hacksaw pumps up the crowd with a loud here we go and foot stomp. Tussle to the ropes results in Regal landing forearms to Hacksaw’s gut and face. Hacksaw reverses off the ropes and comes back with two clotheslines and a slam. Regal rolls outside favouring his back. Back inside Hacksaw punches Regal into a corner. Hacksaw Irish whips but charges into an elbow. Regal delivers forearms to knock Hacksaw down before choking him with his knee. Regal backelbows Hacksaw down off the ropes as Grisham touches upon Regal and Hacksaw’s recent history which also involved Sandman and Carlito. Regal drops an elbow for a nearfall before hooking Hacksaw’s arm and chin and ripping at his face. Hacksaw hooks the hair then punches free. Hacksaw avoids Regal’s first attempt with a knee but falls victim a few seconds later. Regal gets nearfalls following a kneedrop and elbow drop. After dragging Hacksaw’s face across the top rope, Hacksaw fires back with punches. Regal telegraphs a backbodydrop off the ropes and hits a high knee to the temple for another nearfall. Chinlock applied by Regal who rips at Hacksaw’s face again before rubbing his forearm into Hacksaw’s mush aswell with another nearfall tied in. Hacksaw keeps his arm up before rising to his feet. Regal delivers kneelifts. Regal dodges Hacksaw’s jabs before forearming him down. Regal thinking he’s won raises his arms before dropping down into a cover for two. Regal continues his assault with head rams to the corner and more forearms until Hacksaw blocks a head ram to the corner and turns the tables on Regal. Hacksaw mounts for a punch assault but at five he stops to argue with the referee allowing Regal to boot the gut. Regal lands some kneelifts, Hacksaw reverses an Irish whip, Regal rebounds into a backbodydrop. Hacksaw calls for the three point stance so Regal rolls to the outside. Hacksaw goes out to follow but walks into a gut punch. Regal grabs a headlock but Hacksaw ends up sending Regal into the ringpost. Both men get back inside, Regal argues with the referee allowing Hacksaw to roll him up from behind for the shock win. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: HACKSAW JIM DUGGAN. Not a very good match. Shocked that Regal didn’t win here. Maybe in hindsight Regal’s prospects were better if he had stayed on Smackdown with Dave Taylor. That being said the crowd did pop for the finish. Post match sees Regal throw a fit inside the ring before taking his leave as soon as Hacksaw gets back in to celebrate with his 2×4. Sadly there’s no post match sneak attack from Regal.

Snitsky vs Jeff Michaels
Snitsky unloads from the start with knees to the gut and continues the assault after trapping Michaels’ arms in a double underhook position. Snitsky wrenches Michaels around a little before tossing him to the mat. Snitsky gets Michaels up in the ropes to pull at his face. Snitsky delivers a high hiptoss out of the corner then hits a big boot after running the ropes. Snitsky pulls Michaels up before finishing him off with a pumphandle slam. 1-2-3. Here is Your Winner: SNITSKY. Slightly longer than last week’s effort. A DUD match but it served its purpose for giving Snitsky somewhat of a background push. Having short matches helps him for now unlike in ECW when he was being forced down our throats in longer matches. Post match Snitsky stares at the ring as he backs up the ramp.

Lance Cade, Trevor Murdoch, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs The Highlanders, Paul London & Brian Kendrick
This should be good. The World Tag Team Champions come out first and pose with their belts before their partners make their way out with a new titantron/entrance video. Hacksaw had one too earlier. The Highlanders receive a piped in pop while Londrick receive a genuine one. Grisham informs us of a producer’s note saying this is the first eight man tag on Heat in seven years. I don’t remember who was in the last one. Anyone that does feel free to drop me a line. Cade and Kendrick exchange hammerlocks. Kendrick applies a side headlock, dodges Cade off the ropes, Cade comes back with a hiptoss for a nearfall. Cade applies a headlock before running into a dropkick. Murdoch charges in and Kendrick meets him with a dropkick too. Cade and Murdoch receive several Kendrick armdrags. London lands a Mushroom stomp onto Murdoch’s arm from the top rope before stalking and landing a high kick to Murdoch’s chest. London grabs an arm, Murdoch counters with an Irish whip. London floats over a charge, Murdoch hits the corner, London ducks a swing then blindly leaps off the second rope catching Murdoch with a cross body for a nearfall. Murdoch sends London off the ropes and shoves him down. Haas tags in, lands some shots, sends London off the ropes, Haas attempts a backbodydrop, London jumps over him before delivering an armdrag. Rory tags in hitting a falling headbutt onto the arm from the top rope before wrenching away. Kendrick tags back in delivering a forearm to Haas’ arm from the top rope. Kendrick wrenches the arm, Haas forces Kendrick to the heel corner to deliver shoulder thrusts and a punch. Kendrick elbows Shelton off the apron then punches at Haas. Haas throws Kendrick over the top rope, Kendrick skins the cat back in but Haas hooks the legs and holds Kendrick in place for a Shelton leapfrog spike across the back. During all this Cade and Murdoch tie up the referee to allow the double team. Heat cuts away for commercials. We return to see Kendrick fight out of a Shelton rear naked choke. Shelton hoists Kendrick in the air who attempts a dropkick but doesn’t connect (botched spot). Shelton staggers a little before Murdoch blind tags in. After a brief argument Murdoch drops a forearm then reminds Shelton to remember to play by the rules. Murdoch goes for a slam, Kendrick slips behind nails a dropkick and goes to an unmanned corner. Cade tags in and charges into Kendrick’s feet. Shelton tags in to stomp on Kendrick before reeling him in for a short arm clothesline. Kendrick tries to fight back but Shelton cuts him off with punches. Haas tags in, Haas drives knees into the chest, works over Kendrick in the corner with punches then Irish whips him. Haas runs into an instinctive backelbow but recovers to catch Kendrick in a release belly-to-belly overthrow suplex. London breaks up a cover at two with a double foot stomp on Haas’ back. Haas front facelocks Kendrick as Cade tags in and takes over with a backbreaker followed by three consecutive nearfalls. Cade lifts Kendrick onto the second rope. Kendrick sends him away with headbutts, Cade prevents an aerial assault with a punch before hooking Kendrick’s head under his arm and bringing him off the second rope with a modified powerslam for a nearfall. Cade hooks an arm as Haas tags in to drop a knee and score two consecutive nearfalls of his own. Haas facelocks Kendrick as Shelton tags in and punches the gut. Shelton desperately hooks a leg as Kendrick tries to squirm to his own corner. Kendrick uses his other leg to send Shelton into knocking London off the apron. Rory takes the opportunity to punch Shelton before Kendrick nails an enziguiri kick. Both men manage to tag out. Robbie ducks Murdoch’s attacks and rallies with an axehandle sledge, shove, dropkick, boot to the gut and scorpion deathdrop. Cade breaks up a cover with a double axehandle prompting the action to break down with everyone joining in. London leaps in taking Cade down with a high kick. London dodges both Shelton and Haas before taking them both out with single leg high kicks. As Haas rolls to the outside, London forearms Shelton through the ropes. London lands a corkscrew pescado on Shelton as Kendrick nails Haas with a somersault dive off the apron. Back inside Robbie hits a high flapjack on Murdoch. The Highlanders fire up, Rory tags in, Robbie assists his partner with a top rope rocket launcher splash but Murdoch sits up. As Rory crashes and burns, Cade yanks Robbie off the ring apron then forearms him before tossing him back inside where he hits the referee. As the referee rolls Robbie out Cade and Murdoch hit Rory with the high low. Kendrick’s diving save attempt is too late as Murdoch covers and gets the 1-2-3. Here Are Your Winners: LANCE CADE, TREVOR MURDOCH, CHARLIE HAAS & SHELTON BENJAMIN. Good match. Post match sees the camera focus on Cade and Murdoch who celebrate with their belts before getting their hands raised on the ramp in unison with their tag partners. The faces look on crestfallen in the ring.

Grisham thanks us for watching to end the show.

Best Match: The Main Event.
Worst Match: William Regal vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan for the outcome.
Verdict: Thumbs in the middle. The Main Event was given some time so it erases some of the badness from the first part of the show.

So that wraps up another week. I’ll be back next weekend albeit a lot earlier in the day with the next edition of Heat as my work pattern has changed. Until then have a good week and I’ll catch you later. Shaun.

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