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WWE Hell In A Cell Results – October 2, 2011

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WWE Hell in a Cell Results
Sunday, October 2, 2011
From the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana
Results by: Sean Hopkins of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

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Dark Match:

* Daniel Bryan b. JTG

Opening Segment:

We open the show with a video package that highlights the theme of tonight’s event, as well as some of the main feuds heading into the PPV.

The pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to the PPV. The entrance set looks great with a cell surrounding the ramp and a cool set up of video screens. Cole immediately hypes that there will be four title matches taking place tonight. He’ll be broadcasting with JR and Booker T tonight.

Singles Match
– Christian vs. Sheamus

Christian’s music hits, and it looks like he’ll be starting things off tonight. Christian gets a decent reaction from the crowd, who look ready to start things off on a good note tonight.

Miz and R-Truth are shown walking up to the front row in the crowd with tickets in hand. Good old John Lauranitis is out and he climbs over the barricade to confront Miz and Truth. Miz and Truth show off their tickets and sit down but Ace calls for security. Security comes along and are quick to rush Miz and Truth out even though the crowd chants ‘let them stay’.

Sheamus is out next and he gets a decent pop, but Truth and Miz kind of stole his thunder just a bit.

The start:

Christian is cautious to get back into the ring once Sheamus is in. The bell rings and we’re ready to start things off. Both men lock up and Sheamus backs Christian right into the corner. Sheamus breaks and Christian bails to the apron. Christian gets back into the ring and ducks another lock up with a go behind.

Mid-match notes:

Sheamus hits an elbow, goes behind Christian, and takes him to the mat with a waistlock. Christian is slow to get up. We get another lock up and Sheamus takes Christian over with a side headlock. Christian gets to his feet and Sheamus takes him over again.

Christian backs Sheamus into the ropes and forces a break, then slaps Sheamus. Sheamus takes Christian down to the mat, then lets him up only to his a big clothesline. Sheamus tries to tie Christian up in the ropes but Christian hits Sheamus with an elbow to the eye. Sheamus chases Christian around the ring and comes back in to another slap. Sheamus takes Christian right back down to the mat. Christian goes to the outside and hits Sheamus but catches a punch of his own. Sheamus hits Christian across the chest with several clubbing blows to the chest, then brings him into the ring the hard way, scoring a near fall. Christian is able to catch a charging Sheamus with a kick, but when he jumps off the ropes, Sheamus catches him and hits a fall away slam. Sheamus goes up top, but Christian pushes him off to the outside.

Christian goes to the outside and beats on Sheamus before bringing him back into the ring and continuing the assault with right hands. Christian chokes Sheamus against the top rope before being forced to break. Sheamus comes back with a couple of rights of his own, but Christian punches back, then hits a back elbow from the second rope before climbing on Sheamus’ back and locking in a sleeper. Sheamus drops to his behind and Christian breaks the hold.

Sheamus slams Christian to the mat hard and goes for an elbow drop but he misses. Christian chokes Sheamus with his boot before laying in with a couple of right hands and kicks to the stomach. Christian avoids a couple of swings from Sheamus and continues with punches and kicks. Christian poses for the crowd to a lot of head. Christian picks Sheamus up and Sheamus begins to fight back with big right hands, but he runs right into a knee to the gut, and then a dropkick from Christian. Christian goes for a pin but only gets one.

Sheamus just won’t quit and he clubs away at Christian with big right hands across Christian’s back, knocking him down to the mat. Sheamus hits a clothesline, then another then runs into boots in the corner from Christian, but comes right back with a tilt-a-whirl slam for a two count. Sheamus tries for a urunage, but Christian fights out of it. Sheamus goes for a gorilla press but Christian fights out again. Christian tries for the killswitch but Sheamus fights out. Christian goes to the apron and drops the back of Sheamus’ neck across the top rope. Sheamus comes right back with a urunage backbreaker for another two count.

Christian comes back with a series of rights to the face, but when he goes for the top, Sheamus stops him. Sheamus tries for a superplex, but Christian fights him off and drops to the mat. Christian kicks Sheamus with both feet to the face, then connects with a tornado DDT from a seated position on the top rope. Christian crawls for the cover but doesn’t even get one. Christian waits for Sheamus to get to his feet and goes for the kill switch again. Sheamus fights it off and clotheslines Christian in the corner before hitting a knee lift to Christian’s face. Sheamus goes out to the apron and Christian grabs on to Sheamus’ leg, forcing him back into the ring. Christian fights Sheamus but Sheamus fights right back. Sheamus pulls himself up to the top turnbuckle and comes off with a big shoulderblock from the top.

Sheamus tries for the bicycle kick but Christian drops to the mat. Sheamus goes to the apron and ends up being kicked to the floor. Christian tries for a baseball slide but Sheamus catches him by the feet and drops him to the floor hard. Christian tries to kick Sheamus into the ring post but Sheamus stops himself. Christian is able to connect with a spear on the floor, but Sheamus makes it into the ring at an 8 count. As soon as he gets into the ring, Christian hits Sheamus with another spear and goes for the pin, but he only gets two. Christian goes to the top and tries for a flying head butt, but Sheamus moves.

The finish:

Sheamus tries for the Celtic cross but Christian drops down and tries for the kill switch. Sheamus fights it off and Christian tries for the spear but eats the corner ring post. Sheamus hits the bicycle kick and pins Christian for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

Matt Striker is backstage with Mark Henry. Henry tells Striker to shut up. He makes fun of Striker, and says it doesn’t matter where in the world he faces Randy Orton. Whether it’s Hell in a Call, or a back alley, Randy Orton is going to join the Hall of Pain.

Singles Match to Determine the Real Sin Cara
– Sin Cara (Blue mask) vs. Sin Cara (Black mask)

Sin Cara, the original, makes his way out to the ring for this match. This one will be hard to call, so please bear with me. Dark Sin Cara (from here on out for this match referred to as dCara), makes his way out and points at Cara. He makes his way down to the ring, doing the same jump into the ring with the same pyro to boot.

The start:

The bell rings and the stupid lighting goes into effect and we’re ready to kick things off in this match. We get a lock up and dCara takes Cara to the mat, tying up his legs and standing on his back, posing before stretching him with a bow and arrow hold. Cara fights out of it and the two chain wrestle for a bit before Cara arm drags dCara away. dCara knocks Cara to the mat and takes him over with another arm drag.

Mid-match notes:

Cara tries to get the crowd behind him before we get a test of strength. dCara knocks Cara to the mat, and the two employ some impressive gymnastics to flip over each other. dCara connects with a hurricarana, and Cara comes right back with one of his own. We get another stand off between the two Cara’s. dCara kicks Cara in the gut and hits him with a couple of clubbing blows to the back, but Cara comes right back with a springboard hurricarana and an awesome armdrag that sends dCara to the outside. Cara follows with a giant plancha that takes dCara out.

Cara hits a baseball slide while dCara tries to get back into the ring. Cara goes for an asai moonsault, but dCara moves and Cara connects with the ground. dCara sends Cara back into the ring and follows with a big senton that sets up a near fall. dCara locks in a rear chin lock. Cara struggles, but he’s able to make it back up to his feet and fights out of the hold. He goes for a back handspring something, but he’s met with a dropkick to the back from dCara. dCara goes for the pin but gets two, so he gets up and kicks Cara in the kidneys before sending him into the corner and hitting a big chop. Cara goes out to the apron, so dCara hits him with a big forearm to send him to the floor before diving over the top rope to the floor on top of Cara.

dCara brings Cara back into the ing and pins him for a two count. dCara connects with a backbreaker, and the crowd does not seem to be into this match at all, they are dead silent. dCara locks in another rear chin lock and when Cara fights up he just clubs him across the back. dCara goes for a belly to back suplex but Cara reverses out and lands on his feet. Both men go for a cross body and both connect, falling to the mat. The crowd is getting a boring chant started. Cara tries to flip over dCara but ends up stepping on his back. dCara is sent to the outside, so Cara goes to the top rope and leaps off with a neat sideways dive on top of dCara. Cara brings things back into the ring and tries for a couple of pins but he can’t keep dCara down. Cara hits a superkick, but dCara comes right back with a powerbomb for two.

The finish:

dCara goes to the top but he’s stopped by Cara. Cara connects with a huge arm drag from the top rope that sends dCara almost entirely to the other side of the ring. dCara back body drops Cara to the apron and he’s caught with a huge kick. Cara goes to the top and tries for something but dCara moves and Cara rolls through. Cara is able to connect with the code red, and he pins dCara for a three count.

Winner & the real Sin Cara: Sin Cara (the original)

CM Punk is shown backstage taping his wrists. David Otunga walks in. Punk asks if he’s got ambulances to be chasing. Otunga asks Punk where he went to school again? Otunga says he’s representing all the WWE superstars and he wants to talk to Punk. Punk says he doesn’t need anyone representing him. Punk makes fun of Otunga and says he hates lawyers before telling him to ‘vanish’.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
– Air Boom (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/Vickie Guerrero

The champions, Bourne and Kofi, make their way out to the ring first to a nice reaction from the crowd. Vickie Guerrero is introduced before Ziggler and Swagger. She asks the crowd to excuse her several times. She says it’s a pleasure to introduce the next new WWE Tag Team Champions, Jack Swagger, and Dolph Ziggler. Swagger and Ziggler make their way out to the ring, to a bit of a lukewarm reaction.

The start:

The bell rings, and it looks like Kofi and Swagger will be kicking things off for their respective teams. Both men lock up and Swagger locks in a head lock, pushing Kingston into the ropes. Swagger’s forced to break. Kofi locks in a head lock but Swagger pushes him off and knocks him down with a shoulder block.

Mid-match notes:

Kingston is able to take Swagger down to the mat and he hits him with a big European uppercut before tagging out to Bourne who comes in hitting a double stomp on Swagger. Swagger slams Bourne to the mat and tags in Ziggler. Bourne is able to come up with a couple of quick lether kicks to Ziggler’s legs that stop him in him tracks before tagging out to Kofi who comes in and hits a big splash in the corner.

Bourne tags back in and the two hit a cool double team hurricarana. Ziggler is able to make the tag to Swagger who comes in and buries his shoulder into Bourne’s midsection repeatedly. Swagger goes for the cover but he can’t get three. Swagger tags out to Ziggler, who comes in and puts the boots to Bourne before hitting snap mare and big elbow drop for another two count. Ziggler goes for something in the corner but Bourne ducks and Ziggler connects face first with the turnbuckle. Kofi tags in and goes to hit the ropes but Swagger pulls them apart and Kingston falls to the floor while the ref is distracted. Ziggler follows out and slams Kofi’s head into the apron before sending him back into the ring and trying for a pin. Kingston kicks out so Swagger locks in a modified crossface.

Ziggler continues taking it to Kofi with a neckbreaker that’s good for another two count. Ziggler and Swagger continue to bend the rules, using ref distraction to sneak in a couple of cheap shots. Kingston tries to fight back with right hands, but Swagger tags back into the ring and begins stomping at Kofi’s midsection. Kofi won’t die and he swings wildly at Swagger, but Swagger clamps on a front face lock, taking Kofi down to a knee. Kofi stuggles to make his way toward his cover and Bourne stretches, but Swagger shoves Kofi back and taunts Bourne, allowing Ziggler to lay in a couple of boots with the distraction. Swagger drops Kingston with a belly to back suplex that’s good for another two count.

Ziggler tags back in and pounds on Kingston in the corner. Ziggler pulls Kingston out and hits a snap mare before smiling at Bourne and taking his time. Ziggler goes for an elbow drop and connects, getting another two count. Ziggler tags out to Swagger who almost lets Kingston get to his corner, but locks in the ankle lock instead. Kingston rolls through and Swagger catches Kingston on his shoulder. Kingston is able to counter into a DDT, and both men are down.

Both men make the tag and Bourne kicks away at Ziggler before going to to the top and coming off with the double knees to the shoulders which is good for another two count. Ziggler tries for the rocker dropper but Bourne avoids it and hits a standing moonsault. Swagger comes in and locks in an ankle lock but Kingston comes in from the top rope diving on Swagger. Ziggler is able to connect with the Zig Zag on Kofi. Swagger tags back in and goes to the top rope.

The finish:

Ziggler places Bourne in Swagger’s arms, but Bourne counters into a hurricarana, holding on to Swagger’s legs for the pin, while Kingston pulls Ziggler from the ring. Bourne gets the three count and the win.

Winners & STILL WWE Tag Team Champions: Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston

Hell in a Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
– Mark Henry (c) vs. Randy Orton

The cell is shown being lowered toward the ring, and Michael Cole begins hyping up the World Heavyweight Championship match that will be taking place next. This lead us right into a video package that highlights the events that have led up to this match between Henry and Orton.

Mark Henry is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a bit of heat as he makes his way down the entrance ramp. Cole mentions that this is the 22nd Hell in a Cell match, and the first for Mark Henry. Mark Henry is the first man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a bit of heat as he makes his way down the entrance ramp. Cole mentions that this is the 22nd Hell in a Cell match, and the first for Mark Henry. The referee on the outside locks the door behind Orton when he makes his way into the ring, and Orton makes his way to the turnbuckles, posing for the fans in attendance. We get formal ring introductions for both men, and we’re finally ready to begin this match.

The start:

The bell rings and Orton charges Henry, hitting him with knees and rights to the face. Orton clubs across Henry’s back and kicks away at him while Henry flees to the outside. Orton follows and tries to slam Henry face first into the cage but Henry prevents it. Henry shoulders Orton and goes to ram him face first into the cage but Orton falls to his feet and slams Henry into the cage instead. Orton is actually able to knock Henry to his back with a big clothesline. Orton bring Henry back into the ring and stomps away at him hard before hitting a big knee drop.

Mid-match notes:

Orton goes for his rope assisted DDT, but Henry fights him off and sends him face first into the turnbuckle instead. Both men go to the floor, and Henry grabs Orton’s arm, pulling it hard against the ring post, causing Orton to scream in pain. Orton is able to pull back, sending Henry into the ring post. Orton goes up to the apron and kicks down at Henry who is on the floor. Orton jumps off toward Henry but Henry catches him and slams him into one cage wall, then another, then into the ring post.

Henry picks Orton up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring. Orton tries to fight back, but Henry lifts Orton up over his shoulder and hits a running powerslam. Henry goes for the cover but he’s only able to get a two count. Henry picks Orton back up to his feet and hits a head butt that sends Orton out to the floor. Henry follows and lays in with big right hands. Orton tries to fights back but Henry is too strong, picking Orton up over his shoulder and powerslamming him on the arena floor.

Henry goes over toward the ring steps, pulling the top two off and tossing them aside. Henry pulls Orton up to his feet and walks him over toward the steps still remaining in the corner, slamming him face first into the cell wall on the way. Henry picks up the top two steps he threw to the side earlier and he chucks them hard at Orton, standing in the corner. Orton gets out of the way and the steps crash down hard to the floor.

Orton tries to fight back, but Henry shoulders him again, running him head first into the cell wall. Henry screams in Orton’s face ‘welcome to MY Hell’. Henry smashes Orton’s face against the cage, pushing hard. Henry lets go and Orton quickly makes his way back into the ring. Henry follows and he’s caught with a couple of quick boots from Orton, but when Orton tries to whip Henry across the ring, Henry sends Orton into the corner and splashes before hitting a big splash to a laid out Orton, scoring a two count. Henry clubs away across Orton’s back before picking him up and slamming him down over his knee.

Henry hits Orton with another backbreaker, but it’s still not enough to keep Orton down for a three count. Orton gets to his feet and Henry is quick to lock in the bear hug, attempting to wear Orton down even further. Orton head butts Henry, so Henry picks up Orton and slams him back into the turnbuckle. Henry stands on Orton’s chest with both feet, squishing his lungs. Henry launches Orton across the ring and into the corner hard. Henry locks in another bear hug.

Henry wears Orton down to the point that Orton is down to his knees. Orton will not give up though, as he gets back to his feet and begins punching away at Henry’s head. Henry hits a nasty head butt and tosses Orton to the outside. Henry follows out to the floor slowly. Henry takes Orton over to the ring steps, picking Orton up. Henry tries for the World’s strongest slam, but Orton grabs on to the cell wall and kicks away at Henry, stunning him. Orton DDT’s Henry on the ring steps, then waits for him to get up so he can send him head first into the ring post. Orton sends him head first into another ring post before things move back into the ring. Orton connects with a Thesz press before laying in with a series of right hands on Henry.

Orton connects with a perfect dropkick that takes Henry out to the apron. Orton brings Henry back into the ring with his rope assisted DDT. Orton drops down to the mat and begins to psych himself up. Orton waits for Henry to get to his feet and he connects with the RKO. Orton goes for the pin, but Henry kicks out at two.

The finish:

Orton looks shocked, and upset. Orton gets back up to his feet and looks around calculatingly. Orton backs up into the corner and waits for Henry to get into position. Orton goes for the punt, but Henry stops him cold by catching him with the World’s strongest slam, putting Orton down for the three count.

Winner & STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Mark Henry

The Cell is quickly picked up and Henry is given his title. Henry makes the ref raise his hand before leaving the ring and making his way to the back. Henry stops when he gets out of the ring and he goes under the ring, grabbing a chair. Henry brings the chair back into the ring and connects with another World’s strongest slam on Orton. Henry goes to the corner and grabs the chair he’s brought into the ring with him. Henry wraps the chair around Orton’s ankle and drags him toward the corner. Henry climbs up to the second rope, but when he leaps off Orton is able to move, avoiding Henry crashing to the mat. Orton takes the chair off of his ankle and buries it in Henry’s gut before slamming it across the Champion’s back. Henry bails to the outside, but Orton follows him up the ramp, hitting him in the back, and chest, dropping the champ to his knees. Orton lays in with another across the back. Orton goes for another, but Henry kicks at Orton and stops him from hitting him again. Henry gets to his feet and jogs off toward the back. Orton is furious as he slams the chair down to the ground.

Josh Mathews is backstage with Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio says he shouldn’t be in this brutal, barbaric match. He not an animal or criminal. But when an animal is trapped, that’s when he becomes more dangerous, and that’s what Del Rio will do tonight. Tonight, people will see a side of Del Rio they didn’t know existed, and he’s coming back from Hell with the WWE Title.

In-Ring Segment:
– WWE Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes makes his way out to the ring with his bag holders in tow. Cody grabs the mic and he says he knows there are many around the world that are watching tonight with their bags on their heads, trying to cover themselves. He says we haven’t even reached Halloween yet, and he wouldn’t allow many of the people here on his street. He says if you don’t accept a bag you should be euthanized. Rhodes says just like the current Intercontinental title should be put to rest. Rhodes dumps his title into a brown paper bag and then asks to be handed the velvet bag. Rhodes reaches into the bag and pulls out a classic IC title belt, with a white strap. Rhodes says this belt was worn by men like Bret Hart, Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, and even Steve Austin, but he’ll wear the belt with even more pride and honor than any of those men, and he’ll take on all comers. Rhodes is interrupted by Lauranitis, who comes out and introduces himself to the crowd. Ace says that Rhodes will be defending his belt right now as per the orders of Triple H, and his opponent is introduced as John Morrison.

It looks like Rhodes will be forced to defend his title in a suit.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
– Cody Rhodes (c) vs. John Morrison

The start:

The bell rings and Morrison catches Rhodes with a roll up for two. Morrison takes Rhodes down for another pin and another kick out. Morrison takes Rhodes over with a side headlock, and Rhodes fights out of it. Rhodes goes for a dropkick but he misses and falls to the mat. Morrison locks in another side head lock.

Mid-match notes:

Rhodes fights out only to eat a big shoulderblock that sends him to the floor. Morrison hits a big baseball slide that sends Rhodes down hard. Rhodes goes to the outside and tries to leave but Morrison brings him back toward the ring. Rhodes hangs on to the ring post and tries to get himself counted out but Morrison forces him back into the ring. Rhodes is able to come back hitting a front suplex before kicking Morrison in the head and taking him down to the mat. Rhodes wraps Morrison’s arm around his head and wrenches away at his neck.

Morrison slowly makes his way back to his feet and catches a big punch to the face and kick to the gut for his troubles. Rhodes tries for the Alabama Slammer, but Morrison counters into a roll up for two. Rhodes turns to work on Morrison’s legs, locking in a figure four leg lock. Morrison is able to struggle over to the ropes to force Rhodes to break the hold. Rhodes hits Morrison with a big right to the side of the face, then another, before hitting a knee drop to the side of Morrison’s face.

The finish:

Morrison gets back to his feet and forces Rhodes into the corner, wearing him down with punches and elbows to the face. Morrison hits his neat flipping slam which is good for a two count. Morrison goes for starship pain but Rhodes holds on to Morrison’s leg to prevent it. Morrison is able to connect with a Pele kick but he misses a big kick and Rhodes is able to roll Morrison up and steal the three count.

Winner & STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: Cody Rhodes

Rhodes makes his way to the back, flaunting his new/old beautiful title belt on the way out while Morrison seethes in the ring.

Triple H is shown backstage on the phone. John Laurinaitis comes in and says they have a problem. Hunter says he doesn’t appreciate Laurinaitis making the matches. Ace has Hunter follow him and Truth and Miz and shown backstage being held off. It looks like they’ve taken out Bourne and Kingston. Hunter says he told Laurinaitis to get cops and says it better not happen again.

WWE Divas Championship Match
– Kelly Kelly (c) w/Eve Torres vs. Beth Phoenix w/Natalya

Beth Phoenix is the first woman to make her way out to the ring, to a decent reaction from the crowd. And of course she’s got her buddy Natalya in tow. Kelly Kelly is out next, with Eve accompanying her, and she also gets a pretty good reaction from the crowd.

The start:

The bell rings and these ladies are ready to go. Kelly confronts Beth and tattoos her with a couple of quick forearms before taking her down to the mat with two Thesz presses and a couple of series of punches. Kelly gets her feet up to kick away a charging Beth in the corner, then leaps off on to Phoenix for a quick two count.

Mid-match notes:

Kelly tries for a hurricarana, but Beth stops her and drops her down over her knee. Beth takes the first to Kelly before going for the pin and getting a two count. Beth shoulders Kelly and slams her into the corner, locking her into a tree of woe. Phoenix charges in with a dropkick to the face before rubbing her boot into Kelly’s face. Beth locks in a dragon sleeper.

Kelly is able to fight to her feet and out of the hold but Beth puts her right back down to the mat and drives her elbow down into Kelly’s spine before spanking her. Kelly tries to come back with forearms to Beth’s face, but Beth hits another back breaker and stretches Kelly across her knee, putting on the pressure to wear the champion down. Kelly is able to battle out of it, and surprise Beth with a roll up but Beth kicks out at two. Beth lays her knee into the side of Kelly’s head, knocking her away. Beth picks Kelly up and suplexes her by dropping her across the ropes and then down to the mat. Beth goes for the pin but only gets two. Beth goes for a powerbomb, but Kelly counters into a hurricarana, holding on for a pin and two count. Beth fights out and takes Kelly right down to the mat, pounding away.

Beth kicks at Kelly before choking her in the ropes, but when she jumps into the ropes Kelly moves and Beth crashes into the ropes. Kelly hits a neckbreaker but it’s not enough to keep Beth down for three. Both women go for roll ups but neither get it. Beth tries for the glam slam but Kelly avoids it by flipping out. Kelly tries for a backslide but Phoenix traps her in the corner. Kelly is able to come back by repeatedly slamming Beth’s head into the turnbuckle. Kelly hits a back handspring elbow in the corner, before going up to the top and slamming Beth down face first into the mat. Kelly goes for the pin but Beth kicks out at two.

The finish:

Natalya and Eve get into it on the outside and Natalya slams Eve into the barricade. Kelly goes for the rocker dropper, but Beth counters, slamming Kelly into the ropes and kicking her in the gut. Beth locks on a submission and Natalya gloats on the mic while Kelly screams. Kelly gets to the ropes to force a break, but Beth distracts the ref and Natalya slams the mic into Kelly’s face. Beth hits the glam slam and pins Kelly, getting the three count.

Winner & NEW WWE Diva’s Champion: Beth Phoenix

Phoenix cries and holds up her title as she celebrates with Natalya.

Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match for the WWE Championship
– John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

The Cell begins to lower toward the ring again as we get another video package that shows us the events over the past few weeks that have led into this match. With just about an hour to go for the PPV, this match is either going to be long, or we can expect a series of post-match shenanigans.

Ricardo Rodriguez is introduced first, and Del Rio’s personal ring announcer makes the introductions for the first challenger who makes his way down to the ring. Del Rio makes his way into the arena to a poor reaction in a beautiful silver convertible. CM Punk is the next man to make his way out to the Cell, and he gets a huge chant from the crowd before his music hits, and a big pop as soon as the opening chords are played. The Champion is the last man to make his way out to the ring, and he gets a mixed reaction, although it’s still a huge reaction either way.

We get formal ring introductions for all three men, and this time Del Rio doesn’t balk about being introduced by Justin Roberts. After much grandstanding, it looks like it’s finally time to begin tonight’s main event.

The start:

The door is shown being locked, and the bell rings and this one is off. Punk chases Del Rio out of the ring immediately and stalks him around the ring. Del Rio gets in the ring only to be chased right back out by Cena. Cena goes to the outside so Del Rio rolls right back in.

Punk and Cena are able to corner Del Rio, and they work him over in the corner with punches, kicks and big blows to the side of the head until Punk tries to catch Cena with a roll up for a two count out of nowhere. Punk and Cena stare each other down, Punk ducks a clothesline and Cena tries for the AA.

Mid-match notes:

Punk fights out and tries for the G2S, but Cena fights out. Cena tries for the STF, but Punk sends Cena to the outside instead. Del Rio tries to attack Punk from behind but ends up falling to the outside. Cena shoulders Del Rio and Punk dives out through the ropes on top of both men sending them into the side of the cell. Punk takes Del Rio back into the ring and gets a quick two count.

Punk goes to the outside and grabs a chair, sending it into the ring, but he’s attackes from behind by Cena. Punk avoids being sent into the ring steps, but Del Rio shoves him hard into the cell wall. Del Rio and Cena take things back into the ring where Del Rio gets the better of Cena. Del Rio grabs another chair and wedges it in the corner, but Cena hits a couple of shoulder blocks, belly to back suplex, and five knuckle shuffle to Del Rio. Cena can’t connect with the AA though, and Punk is in, hitting a neckbreaker/DDT combo on Cena and Del Rio before tossing Del Rio to the outside. Punk’s back is scraped up and bleeding. Punk goes to the outside and under the ring to grab a table that he begins to set up on the outside.

Punk charges Cena on the ring apron and hits a running knee, but when he teases the bull dog through the table, Cena shoves Punk hard off the apron and into the cell wall. Cena makes his way back into the ring where he’s promptly attacked by Del Rio with the steel chair. Del Rio sets up the chair in the middle of the ring before he sets down Cena in it with a hard belly to back suplex. The chair crumples slowly under the weight of Cena. Del Rio buries his knee in Cena’s jaw and pushes against the champ hard. Del Rio seats Cena on the top turnbuckle and pulls him back into a tree of woe, stomping and choking away at Cena.

Del Rio charges Cena but Cena pulls himself up and Del Rio crashes into the ring post hard. Cena rights himself on the turnbuckle, but Punk shakes the ropes and Cena crotches himself. Punk hits a Russian leg sweep on Del Rio for another two count. Punk hits a falcon arrow and goes for the pin on Del Rio, but he still only gets two. Punk eats a clothesline from Del Rio which is good for another near fall. Del Rio locks in a rear chin lock on Punk.

Punk is able to fight up to his feet and Cena sneakily climbs up to the top rope. Cena launches himself off the top and hits a rocker dropper from the top on Del Rio, taking Punk down in the process. Cena tries for a pin on both men but he’s unable to get the three count on either. Cena gets to his feet and shoulders Del Rio, but Del Rio drops to his feet and connects with a back stabber. Punk kicks Del Rio in the face and Del Rio falls out of the ring, only to turn around and be taken out in turn by Cena.

Ricardo fans Del Rio on the outside while Punk and Cena square off in the middle of the ring. Punk looks for the G2S, but Del Rio is in with a chair that he uses to hit both men across the back. Del Rio lays waste to both men with the chair before setting it on Cena’s chest and stomping down, then laying Punk on top of Cena and the chair. Del Rio goes to the top and leaps off with a huge senton on top of both men. Del Rio tries to pin but Punk and Cena but neither man stays down for three.

Punk avoids the arm breaker from Del Rio and back body drops him to the outside. Cena is able to connect with the AA on Punk, but when he goes for the pin it’s broken up by Del Rio. Del Rio is able to lock in the arm breaker on Cena after an enzugiri, but it’s broken up by Punk. Punk connects with the G2S on Cena, but he’s pulled out of the ring during the pin by Del Rio who slams him into the cage wall, then the ring steps. Del Rio grabs a chair and throws it right into Punk’s knee before choking him with his boot.

Back in the ring Cena surprises Del Rio with a roll up, but Del Rio kicks out at two and sends Cena to the outside with a hard kick. Del Rio follows to the outside and sends Cena hard into the ring steps, then the cell wall. Del Rio goes back to the chair, which he grabs and brings down hard on Cena’s legs.

Back in the ring Punk is able to take it to Del Rio with a couple of clotheslines, and a big body slam. Punk goes out to the ring apron and slowly makes his way up to the top turnbuckle. Punk ascends, and leaps off the top with a giant elbow drop. Punk goes for the pin, but Del Rio is able to kick out at two. Cena makes his way into the ring with a couple of shoulder blocks to Punk, then a belly to back suplex. Punk comes right back with a big kick and a body slam. Punk goes right back out to the apron and goes back up to the top. Del Rio is able to push Punk from the top and Punk falls to the outside through the table he set up earlier.

Del Rio turns to Cena, but he’s caught in the STF. Ricardo steals the key from the ref and tries to hit Cena with a pipe but Cena stops him and hits the AA, sending him from the cell. When Cena turns around he’s hit with the pipe by Del Rio, who sends Cena from the cell. Del Rio locks the cell door, locking Cena out of the match. Del Rio turns his attention to Punk, sending him back into the ring.

Del Rio hits a German suplex, bridging into a pin, but Punk kicks out at two. Del Rio goes for another German, but Punk reverses into a roll up for two. Punk goes to the top, but Del Rio connects with a nasty enzugiri that’s good for another two count. Cena is shown slowly getting to his feet on the outside. Del Rio tries for the arm breaker but Punk pushes Del Rio off and into the corner. Punk lays in with a couple of big kicks and takes Del Rio down with a huge leg lariat.

The finish:

Punk hits the high knee in the corner and follows up with the bulldog on Del Rio. Punk goes to the apron and brings himself back into the match with a huge springboard clothesline for another near fall. Cena is shown on the outside struggling to force the cage door open. Del Rio goes to the floor where he’s able to grab the steel pipe which he uses to whack Punk across the face. Del Rio taunts Cena on the floor. Back in the ring, Punk tries for the G2S, but Del Rio fights out of it, and hits Punk in the head with the pipe. Del Rio pins Punk and gets the three count.

Winner & NEW WWE Champion: Alberto Del Rio

As soon as the cell is picked up a bit Cena makes his way in to attack Del Rio. A couple of hooded guys are in and it’s Miz and Truth who attack everyone including the officials while the cage is lowered. The entire locker room and Triple H are out and they’re trying to rip down the cage while Truth and Miz continue to attack everyone locked in the cage with them.

Everyone is crowded around doing whatever they can to get into the cage when finally someone makes his way down with bolt cutters. As soon as security make their way into the ring, Miz and R-Truth drop to their knees and put their hands behind their backs. Miz and Truth are cuffed.

Miz and Truth are escorted out of the cage and by the entire locker room. Hunter attacks both of them, hitting them with repeated rights and lefts. Triples H shoves away Lauranitis before being forced off of Miz and Truth. Hunter is held back but he’s still struggling to get at both Miz and Truth. The PPV ends in confusion as Miz and Truth are led away and Hunter is held back with the entire locker room looking on.

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