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Reader Brent Garrison sent in the following report:

I just returned from the WWE Live Event at Roberts Stadium in Evansville, IN. Nice house of 4000-5000 in attendance…and a hot crowd all night.

Howard Finkel got the show going by telling us we would decide the main event stipulations.

Opening Bout-Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston(c) vs. Paul Burchill w/Katie Lea

Back and forth action with Kofi bumping hard for Burchill’s power offense. Kingston hit the leg lariat for the win.

D-Lo Brown vs. Snitzky

Very hard hitting match. D-Lo worked a very submission-based attack but missed the Low Down and feel prey to a boot from Snitzky who got the 1-2-3.

Paul London vs. Lance Cade

Really fast pace match that showcased London’s speed and Cade’s ever-improving mat work. They butted heads about six minutes in and Cade appeared to break or bust his nose while London had a huge gash on his chin. John Cone called for the finish which was a Cade clothesline for the duke.

Mickie James and Kelly Kelly defeated Katie Lea and Beth Phoneix with a DDT by Mickie on Katie Lea.

Santino Marella came down and tried to get a kiss from Beth but was interrupted by “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, which led to…

Santino Marella vs. Jim Duggan

Duggan missed a charge but Marella showboated and fell victim to the big clothesline and a 3-count for “Hacksaw.”


Kane vs. Batista

Batista is so huge in E-ville for some reason. Pretty entertaining power match that saw Kane work “the Animal’s” shoulder. Finish saw Kane go for the bag but Mike Chioda tried to wrestle it away. Batista hit a spear for a sudden victory.

John Cena vs. World Tag Team Champions Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes

Cena was over big time, while the champs got their fair share of heel heat. Dibiase and Cena did a lot of communicating during the match but I must saw Ted Jr. is a fantastic performer who will be a big star. Cena won with the STFU on Rhodes. Cryme Tyme made a post-match save.

World Title Match-Fan’s Choice (No-DQ)-CM Punk(c) vs. Chris Jericho

Y2J was great working the crowd. He got into a heated exchange with a fan dressed as the Miz and a fan who had a sign reading “Yard Sale…1/2 mile.” Good chain wrestling mixed with Jericho’s blend of heel heat and hilarity. Cade rejoined us(looking awful) to try to feel Jericho, but he was taken out and Punk hit the GTS for the win.

Spent a moment with Raw referee John Cone after the show and he was a pleasure to speak too. Enjoyed him alot.

Referees: Mike Chioda, John Cone, Chad Patton

1. Chris Jericho
2. Snitzky
3. Santino Marella
4. Rhodes and Dibiase
5. Lance Cade

1. Batista
2. John Cena
3. Mickie James
4. CM Punk
5. Jim Duggan

What a nice show and I can’t wait to get to Indianapolis for Summerslam on Aug. 17 and the Raw/SD TV Supershow in St. Louis on Aug. 31.

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