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Thanks to rajah.com reader Edward Rice for sending in these results. If you are attending a wrestling live event in the future, feel free to send a recap HERE.

Here are the results from Raw World Tour from Covelli Centre:

Match 1: Fandango w/ Summer Rae pinned R-Truth w/ side Russian leg sweep
–Fandango tried to calm the crowd down to say his name but we were VERY
LOUD! lol
after match he finally said

Match 2: Adrian Neville (NXT Wrestler) pinned Heath Slater w/ twisting 450
splash; this finishing move
he hit is hard to explain, u just had to be there to see it, is all i can say

Match 3: Divas Champ Kaitlyn and Emma (NXT Wrestler) beat Tamina Snuka and
Paige (NXT Wrestler)
when Kaitlyn pinned Ms. Snuka w/ spear
–Vicki Guerrerio introduced this match, she also tried to cost faces the
match and backfired, and faces gave heels
and Vicki baseball slide kicks after match

Match 4: Ryback beat Sheamus via Countout– they were brawling on outside and
Ryback slammed Sheamus into
stairs, after match Ryback attacked him but Sheamus countered w/ Brogue Kick
–Sheamus went around ringside for 5 min signing autographs


Match 5: Triple Threat Match for US Championship- Champion Kofi Kingston beat
Antonio Cesaro and Zach Ryder;
Kofi pinned Cesaro after he gave Ryder then Cesaro both Trouble in Paradise

Match 6: Bray Wyatt pinned Alex Riley– no idea who either one was and this
match was boring, sorry Wyatt and
Riley but no one cares about you guys

Main Event: WWE Champion John Cena and WWE Tag Team Champions Team Hell No
beat the Shield by DQ when
Roman Reigns hit Kane w/ chair– after match Kane hits chokeslam on one
member, Cena hits AA on another member
to send The Shield running for higher ground; didnt stick around to see any
Team Hell No and Cena post match interaction

–The building to my surprise wasnt sold out, still some upper level seats
left; they had a very awesome looking stage setup that
in my 20 yrs of going to see houseshows I’ve never seen before; they also had
this cool thing at the merchandise stand where
you can have your picture taken w/ new WWE belt and spinner belt and be put
on the cover of RAW magazine, I choose
The Undertaker

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