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Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

Raw starts. There’s no pyro or tron to start off the show. A drum roll plays.

CM Punk opens up Raw over the P.A. system. He announces the results of TLC. He plays a little trivia game with the fans while using the tron. He asks them who won the WWE Title Match. Was it Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, or “the greatest wrestler in the world” CM Punk? Sure enough it was Punk, and he heads down to the ring with the WWE title. He says that despite bodies flying everywhere in the TLC match, he managed to retain his WWE title. He moves on to ask the fans who won the US title match at TLC, once again using the tron. Was it Dolph Ziggler or Zack Ryder? The winner was (“spoiler alert”) Zack Ryder!

Zack comes down to the ring with the U.S. title. He fist pumps and Punk joins in.

Punk continues by saying that he’s saving the biggest for last. Last night there was a chairs match for the World Championship between Mark Henry and Big show. Who won?

Drumroll plays again. Was it Mark Henry? Or was it Big Show?

Punk: “Well it actually WAS the Big Show, but then the unthinkable happened.”

It does him proud to be able to say that none other than Daniel Byan walked away the World Champion.

Daniel Bryan comes down to the ring with the World Title.

Cole: “I’m going to be physically ill.”

Bryan and Punk share a hug.

Punk says that Philadelphia, a city rich in pro wrestling history, would appreciate seeing all three of them with titles. Who would’ve thought that he and Bryan, who met ten years ago at the Murphy Rec Center in Philly, would wind up in a WWE ring as champions. He says he has no filter, but it’s not about him. It’s about Bryan and Ryder, guys who work their way to the top. Guys who eat, sleep and breathe wrestling. They break their backs for the fans, and the fans show their appreciation. He wants to hear from the new champions.

Ryder says he couldn’t believe it and he had to ask his dad. His dad said “WOO WOO WOO! YOU KNOW IT!”

Bryan on the mic. Punk said that nobody believed him to be WWE Champion, but others didn’t even believe he should be in WWE, including Michael Cole.

Cole says he shouldn’t even be here.

Bryan says that he IS here, and he’s not just any champion, he’s the World Heavyweight Champion!

Miz comes out to no music. Then Ziggler comes out followed by Del Rio. They make their way down to the ring and surround the champs. They charge, and the champs keep them out of the ring. Miz, Del Rio and Ziggler huddle to formulate a plan, but plans change when Ryder dives out of the ring and lands on Ziggler. Miz tosses Ryder into the steps and all three retreat up the ramp. Punk and Bryan run after them, but Laurinaitis appears to interrupt them. He says he gave each of them an opportunity at TLC. Some were successful while others weren’t. Being the creative general manager he is, he’s decided on tonight’s main
event. It’ll be Miz, Ziggler, and Del Rio to face Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder, and CM Punk in a six man tag match. This is his Christmas present to the WWE Universe.

Kane returns tonight, and John Cena is going to speak out on it.

Up next, Wade Barrett and Randy Orton face off one on one.


Back from break, Orton comes down to the ring first.

Barrett comes out next.

-Match One: Randy Orton vs. Wade Barrett-

Bell sounds. Barrett kicks Orton and punches Orton into a corner. He kicks him down until the ref counts for a break. Barrett grabs Orton and whips him into the turnbuckle, but Orton counters with a clothesline. Orton punches and uppercuts him in the corner before going for a ten count punch. He only gets to four before
Barrett pushes him off. Barrett runs the ropes and Orton dropkicks him for a two count. Orton drives his knee into Barrett’s head. Barrett exits the ring and Orton joins him.He knocks him into the apron until Barrett kicks him down. He grabs Orton, lifts him up and drops him on the barricade before heading back into the ring leaving the ref to make a count on Orton.


Back and Barrett kicks Orton away from him. He pins Orton to the ropes and strikes him with knees before kicking Orton out of the ring. Ref counts Orton, but Barrett exits the ring and grabs him. He drives Orton into the apron before sliding him in the ring for a two count. He applies a headlock to Orton, but the Viper fights out of it. Barrett goes for a kick, but Orton grabs him, clotheslines him twice and drops a powerslam. Orton brings Barrett to the apron and goes for the DDT, but Barrett lifts up Orton for Waste Land, but Orton fights out and hits the backbreaker. Orton goes for the DDT a second time and he hits it.Orton sets Barrett up for the RKO, but Barrett thumbs Orton in the eye causing an intentional disqualification.

Winner by Disqualification: Randy Orton

Barrett kicks Orton down and pummels him with punches. He lifts Orton up and drops him with The Winds of Change (spinning sidewalk slam). He exits the ring and pulls out a table. He slides the table in the ring and sets it up. Orton slowly gets to his feet, but Barrett boots him in the head and goes back to the table. Once set up, Barrett pulls up Orton and drops him with Waste Land through the table. Barrett taunts Orton before placing a foot on top of him and exiting the ring. Referees come down to help Orton up.

Cole and Lawler talk about the Triple H/Kevin Nash match. They show highlights of the ending to the match which include Nash falling off the ladder and going through a table before being carted off afterwards. He suffered multiple contusions and a nasal fracture that will take six weeks to recover.

Up next, Alicia Fox takes on Beth Phoenix.


WWE Slam of the Week: Beth trying to take Kelly Kelly’s Slammy award away, but Kelly slaps her back.

Diva’s Champion Beth Phoenix comes down to the ring.

Alicia Fox comes down to the ring.

-Match Two: Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox (non-title)

Bell sounds and Beth applies an arm lock. Alicia kicks Beth’s arm away and tries to whip her, but Beth counters and hits a sidewalk slam. She kicks Alicia in the ribs and lifts her up. Beth goes for a springboard vertical suplex, but it’s botched. Alicia gets to her feet, grabs Beth from behind and drops a reverse DDT. She then hits a flipping leg drop for the three count.

Winner by Pinfall: Alicia Fox

Alicia grabs a microphone.

Fox: “I hope everybody has a ‘Foxy’ holiday!”

She leaves the ring.

The Six Man Tag Match made earlier is the main event.


Back from break, and EW.com is holding a contest for “Biggest Badass of the Year”. The Rock is one of the nominees. Go vote for him!

Sheamus comes out for a singles match.

They show a replay of last Friday on Smackdown when Sheamus beat Jinder Mahal with a Brogue Kick.

Jinder comes down to the ring with a microphone. He says that Sheamus has no class or honor. It’s about time that somebody puts him in his place. Jinder enters the ring

-Match Three: Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal-

They tie up and Jinger gets behind Sheamus, but Sheamus throws him down. Sheamus attacks, but Sheamus retaliates. He whips Jinder into the ropes, but Jinder counters with a kick to the face followed by a high knee from the corner for a two count. Jinger applies a headlock, but Sheamus pushes him away. He hits Mahal with a couple forearm shots before whipping him into a corner and knocking him down with a clothesline. Sheamus climbs the turnbuckle and goes for a battering ram off the top, but
Jinder rolls out of the way. Mahal goes for an attack, but Sheamus counters and hits the Irish Curse Backbreaker. He then lifts Jinder up and drops the Celtic Cross for the three count.

Winner by Pinfall: Sheamus.

Up next, Kane returns and Cena speaks out.


WWE Rewind: Cena/Henry main event with Kane coming out and chokeslamming Cena.

John Cena comes out and heads to the ring. He grabs a microphone.

Cena: “What I am about to say will be shocking.”

He says that you people won’t believe this, but there are some people out there who don’t like him. It caught him by surprise, but he can get under some people’s skin. Some of those people are here, some are not. His opponent Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, he says that he is ready for April 1st. He says he can understand why he hates him. What he doesn’t understand is why a monster came out and chokeslammed him. He likes to think that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. If he wasn’t, Cena will face his fears. If last week was an accident, bygones will be bygones. If not, they have business, and they should handle that business right now.

Mark Henry comes out.

Mark Henry: “You talkin’ about business? The business that you need to be concerned about is that I had you laying in the middle of that ring last week.”

If it hadn’t been for Kane, Cena would’ve been the newest member of the Hall of Pain. He sees him out here doing a monologue full of jokes. He’s not in the mood for jokes. He lost his World Title last night. He’s out here to address his injuries and why he lost. If he was him, he should get out of his face because he’s all the business he needs to worry about.

Henry and Cena stare each other down, but pyro erupts and Kane’s music plays. Kane comes out wearing the metal mask from last week. He heads down to the ring. Henry exits the ring, but Cena remains. Kane walks around the ring and makes his way to Henry. Henry says he’s hurt, but Kane just stares at him. He then turns his attention to Cena. Kane climbs up on the apron and takes his metal mask off to reveal his regular mask. Henry leaves the ringside area. Kane enters the ring and Cena punches him back. Cen runs the ropes and clotheslines Kane out of the ring. Kane lands on his feet, grabs Cena and pulls him out of the ring. He takes Cena and tosses him over the commentary table. Kane lifts
up Cena and lands a few punches followed by a jab to the neck. Kane grabs Cena’s face and suffocates him against the table causing Cena to pass out. Cena’s lip appears to be busted. Kane tears Cena’s shirt off and walks away with it, his music playing once more. Cena wakes up and watches Kane leave. Cena looks visibly shaken.


Back from break, and a replay is shown of Kane attacking Cena.

Primo, Epico, and Rosa Mendes are already in the ring.

The Uso’s are on the ramp. They do their Samoan war dance before heading down to the ring.

Match Four: Primo & Epico vs. Jimmy and Jay Uso.

Jimmy and Epico start off. Jay soon joins in and they double team Epico for diving elbow/backbreaker combo. Jay takes Epico into a corner turnbuckle,but Primo distracts Jay and Epico dropkicks him down. Epico kicks Jay into the corner before tagging in Primo Primo grabs Jay and arm drags him before leg sweeping him. Primo tags and suplexes Epico onto Jay for the two count. Another two count, but no. Epico applies a headlock to Jay. Jay fights out of it, but Epico leg sweeps him. Jay tags in Jimmy and Jimmy with forearm shot followed by a full nelson slam to Epico. Jimmy runs and hits a running butt slam in the corner, but it’s broken up. Jay comes in, but is thrown out of the ring. Primo gets kicked in the back by Jimmy, but Epico hits the backstabber on Jimmy for the three count.

Winners via Pinfall: Epico and Primo

We cut to a promotional advertisement for Royal Rumble 2012.

Cut to backstage. Josh Matthews interview Cody Rhodes.

Cody says that what he just saw with Santino was the most ridiculous thing he’s ever seen, just as ridiculous as Booker thinking he could win against him at TLC. Santino appears behind Rodes holding a basket. Before their match, he wants to give Cody a present. Cody says he doesn’t want his present. Santino says he knows he doesn’t, because it’s a Christmas Cobra! Santino opens the basket and his hand wearing the cobra sock shoots out. Santino backs away while Cody looks at him with a perplexed look. Their match is up next.


Back from break, and Santino makes his way to the ring.

Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring with the Intercontinental Title

Match Five: Cody Rhodes vs. Santino Marella (non-title)

Bell sounds. Santino bows and shows some fancy footwork before Cody knocks him down. Cody lifts Santino and punches him in the corner. He hooks his arm to the ropes and twists it. He brings Santino to the center of the ring and hits a Russian leg sweep. Cody kicks Santino and smacks his arm on the mat. He stomps the arm and goes for a clothesline, but Santino ducks and hits an arm drag. He whips, but Cody counters and whips him into the corner. He charges and Cody gets hit in the ribs. Santino goes for The Cobra, but Cody ducks, lifts up Santino and drops him with an Alabama Slam for the three count.

Winner via Pinfall: Cody Rhodes

Cut to last week at Tribute to the Troops. Cena’s in the ring, and WWE wrestlers and celebrities are standing on the ramp. Cena says that the heart and soul of this event is the same as the heart and soul that defends the United States of America. A video package highlighting the show plays.

Six Man Tag still to come.


Cut to backstage with The Bellas and Laurinaitis. They say they don’t appreciate what Teddy said to them at TLC. They bicker to one another about the other being afloozie. Laurinaitis says that the Board knows of their concerns, and he wishes them a Merry Christmas. They kiss him on the cheek and leave. Otunga and Vickie Guerrero show up. Vickie demands that Ziggler gets a rematch against Ryder. Hornswoggle suddenly appears with a mistletoe and kisses Vickie. Cue ear piercing scream.

Highlights of Punk, Bryan, and Ryder winning their matches at TLC.

Cut to backstage with Matthews and Big Show. Matthews asks Show what his state of mind is after losing the World Title to Bryan 45 seconds after winning it. He says he had it in his hands after nine long years of clawing and digging and scratching, but in seconds it went away. He was speechless when Bryan cashed it in. He says it was his fault because he encouraged Bryan to not wait until WrestleMania, and at TLC he cashed it on him. He gives the guy credit for living his dream. Matthews says Show’s can’t be that nice about it, he has the shortest World Championship reign in history. Awkward silence. Show looks mad, but says he’s okay and leaves.

Cut back to the ring and The Miz comes down to the ring for his match.

Dolph Ziggler comes out next.

Alberto Del Rio comes out in a 2009 Rolls Royce. Ricardo is not here tonight due to last night. He heads to the ring. As he does We are interrupted by yet another “End of the World” video. The focus of the video is on a little girl this time while the little boy has his back turned to a corner of the room. The girl says “I can’t help you anymore. Do you understand?” The word “Prophetless” appears on screen.


Back from break with Miz, Del Rio, and Ziggler in the ring.

Ryder comes out from within the audience and heads to the ring.

Bryan comes out from within the audience as well and he too heads to the ring.

Punk, you guessed it, comes out from within the audience before heading to the ring.

All three enter the ring and hold up their titles.

Bell sounds. Punk and Miz start things off. Headlock to Miz followed be shoulder block for a two count. Arm lock to Miz and Punk tags in Bryan. The two whip Miz and double leapfrog over him into a dropkick by Bryan to a two count. Miz kicks Bryan away and tags in Ziggler. Ziggler enters the ring, but Bryan drop toe holds Ziggler and applies a brief leg lock submission before tagging in Ryder. The two whip Ziggler and double arm drag him out of the ring. Del Rio charges and the two side step him. He slips out of the ring. Miz charges and he’s back body drop out of the ring. Ryder, Bryan, and Punk leap off the ropes and knock down their opponents. They head back into the ring and taunt for the fans.


Back and Bryan forearm clotheslines Miz. He kicks him in the chest, but Miz ducks a kick and hits a DDT for a two count. Miz tags Del Rio. Rio kicks Bryan into a corner. He snapmares Bryan and dropkicks him in the back of the head for a two count. He lifts Bryan up and tags Ziggler in. Ziggler punches Bryan, snapmares, and applies a headlock submission. Bryan fights out of it, runs the ropes, and Ziggler clotheslines him down for a two count. He lifts Bryan up and tags Miz in. Miz kicks Bryan and knocks him down. He hits a running kick to Bryan. He then lifts Bryan up and tags Del Rio in. Rio goes to Bryan, and Bryan hits him with European uppercuts before whipping him, but Del Rio counters and hits a running kick in the corner. He lifts Bryan up and applies an arm lock into a submission. Bryan gets out it and
runs the ropes only to get hit with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Tag to Ziggler. Ziggler drags Bryan to a corner and punches him down. He then runs and dropkicks Bryan in the face. Bryan pulls out of the corner and makes a desperate tag to Ryder. Ryder enters the ring and clotheslines Ziggler down a couple times and follows it up with a face plant. Ryder runs and punches Ziggler in the corner before backing up and hitting the Broski Boot. He punches Rio and Miz off the apron before pinning Ziggler for a two count. Ryder gets Ziggler up, but Ziggler is able to dropkick him. Two count made. Ziggler tags Miz and Miz strikes Ryder with knees to the chest and then hits a running knee for a two count. Miz applies a headlock to Ryder. Ryder rolls Miz away off of him and goes for a tag, but Miz shoulder tackles him into his corner and then tags Del Rio in. Del Rio whips Ryder into another turnbuckle and Ryder back body drops Rio out of the ring. Ryder crawls his way to Bryan and Punk. Rio gets in the ring and tags Miz. Soon after Ryder tags Punk. Punk hits a springboard clothesline to Miz followed by neckbreaker. He sets Miz in the corner and hits the clothesline followed by a bulldog. Punk then scoop slams Miz and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He jumps off and hits the elbow drop. for a two count. Punk goes
for Anaconda Vice, but Ziggler enters and breaks the hold. Ryder pulls Ziggler out of the ring and clotheslines him down. Miz tags Del Rio while Punk tags Bryan and Bryan dropkicks him down from off the top. Punk grabs Miz and hits GTS on him. Punk gets attacked from behind by Del Rio. Bryan goes for a kick to the head, but Rio ducks it and tosses Bryan shoulder first into the turnbuckle post. Rio pulls him off and goes to apply the Cross Arm Breaker, but Bryan counters it into the Lebell Lock and Del Rio taps.

Winners via Submission: CM Punk, Zack Ryder, and Daniel Bryan.

All three celebrate with their titles, and Raw comes to an end.

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