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WWE RAW Results – May 12, 2014

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The Shield & Evolution Battle In The Back

This week’s RAW opens up with highlights of the U.S. title battle royal from last week’s RAW. Then we see Triple H revealing The Shield vs. The Wyatt Family main event from last week’s RAW. After that, clips from that match airs, complete with the run-in and beat down at the end by Evolution.

After the video package, we shoot live into the arena where Michael Cole welcomes us to this week’s show and we see The Shield standing in the ring. Dean Ambrose starts things off verbally, talking about how we saw something last week that we won’t see again, all three members of The Shield getting the crap kicked out of them last week. Ambrose says they want Evolution.

Seth Rollins is next on the mic. He says they aren’t running from Evolution — they are running to Evolution. If they have half the guts they should, they will accept their challenge for a rematch. He says when they show up here tonight, The Shield is going to run them down. He says they don’t take anything away from Evolution, but that’s all in the past. They “were” really good, not anymore. He says they can’t evolve into what it takes to beat The Shield.

Rollins asks Roman Reigns, “are you alright big man?” He asks him if he’s got anything to say. Reigns stares directly into the camera and talks about how they ambushed and beat him up, but he asks, “is that all you got?” He says if it is, he realizes that it’s not a big deal. He says The Shield will teach them justice, and he personally will teach you to “believe in ME.” He throws the mic down.

We see on the titan tron a limo pulling up. The fans try and break out into a “hounds of justice” chant, but it doesn’t really spread out that much. The Shield runs towards the back. Then, we see Evolution standing backstage with Triple H signing something on a clipboard. Out of nowhere, The Shield enters the picture and all three members start taking it to all three members of Evolution. Various officials enter the scene and start breaking things up.

Rob Van Dam vs. Jack Swagger (with Zeb Colter)

After The Shield-Evolution segment, the announce team of Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler and JBL formally welcome us to this week’s edition of WWE RAW. After that, Rob Van Dam’s music hits and “Mr. Monday Night” makes his way to the ring. As he makes his ring entrance, Cole informs us that RVD will be in action next against “The Real American” Jack Swagger. We head to our first commercial break of the evening.

When we return from commercial, Zeb Colter is in mid-sentence. He’s saying a bunch of heel stuff, trying to get the crowd to “boo” he and Swagger. Swagger, by the way, is holding Colter’s “Deportation List” on a sign. Colter reveals that his latest addition to the list is Adam Rose. He trashes Rose a bit and then warns him to keep his distance. Finally, he concludes with his “we the people” stuff.

The bell rings, but before anything can happen, some music starts playing. Out comes “The Exotic Express” members, or the “Rosebuds,” whatever we’re calling them this week. Adam Rose’s theme music kicks in and out he comes dancing with his entourage.

Swagger is distracted by Adam Rose and his crew. Out of nowhere, Van Dam blasts Swagger with a big kick. He leaps up to the top-rope in RVD fashion and blasts Swagger with his Five-Star Frogsplash finisher. 1-2-3. Van Dam wins. After the pin and the victory, Adam Rose’s theme plays and Van Dam walks up the ramp with Rose and his party animals as Rose’s music plays.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Paige vs. Alicia Fox

The announce team promotes the new WWE Divas Champion — Paige — quite a bit, including a video package, before we head to commercial. With that said, we head to another break.

When we return from commercial, Paige makes her way to the ring as the announce team promotes the upcoming WWE European tour and RAW next week in London. Already in the ring is Paige’s opponent for tonight, Alicia Fox. Fox gets on the mic and says Paige has alienated the entire locker room already. She says she doesn’t fit in and then cheap-shots her.

Fox continues to take advantage of the early lead she obtained via her sneak-attack. Finally, the ref calls for the bell and the match is officially started. Fox continues to punish the rookie Divas Champion. Fox knocks Paige out to the floor and follows her out to deliver some additional punishment.

Back in the ring, Fox continues her dominance as the crowd tries to rally behind the champ. Out of the blue, without hitting any offense at all, Paige hits the Paige-turner on Fox and covers her. 1-2-3. Paige wins. After the match, Fox freaks out a bit, steals JBL’s hat and struts up the ramp. Then a Daniel Bryan-Kane video package airs, and we’re informed that Daniel Bryan will address the WWE Universe next. We head to commercial.

Winner: Paige

Daniel Bryan Addresses The WWE Universe

After the break, Daniel Bryan’s music hits and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion makes his way to the ring. Before he can speak, the fans explode in a passionate “Yes!” chant. Bryan thanks the fans and talks about it being a long road to get to this point.

Bryan recaps some of the obstacles he had to overcome to finally get his WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He says being the champ puts a large target on his back. He says as soon as he became the champ he got the worst beating of his life, and describes some of the assault that he suffered at the hands of Kane. He says he overcame that and beat Kane at Extreme Rules.

Bryan continues to talk about how the attack from Kane resulted in him paying the price. He said his style also results in him having to pay the price. He reveals, what we reported exclusively at SESCOOPS.COM, that he needs to undergo neck surgery this coming Thursday. He says there’s a chance this could be the end of his career. He says even though there’s a chance, it won’t happen. He says, “will I come back?” and responds to himself by leading the fans in a passionate “Yes!” chant. The fans chant along and his music plays again.

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