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The June 27th edition of WWE SmackDown airs live on the USA Network from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California, featuring what will basically be an extension of the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) that took place just over one week ago.
Advertised for tonight: Part Two of the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Lana will be challenging Naomi for the Smackdown Women’s Championship, and more!
The show opens up with a video package about the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, other matches that will happen tonight and the fallout from the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Tom Philips welcomes us to the show and says that tonight one women will win the opportunity of the lifetime when she becomes Ms. Money in the Bank.
Daniel Bryan makes his entrance and says he’s proud of the women’s revolution on SmackDown and talks about the two big matches the women will have tonight, both rematches from Money in the Bank. He begins running down the rules of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match before he gets interrupted by Carmella and James Ellsworth.
She complains that he calls this the land of opportunity but it’s more like the land of injustice, and last week the biggest injustice in WWE history took place when he stripped her of her Money in the Bank contract. She says that she won the ladder match fair and square and that the rulebook states in black and white that the match was no disqualification and had no rules so that means there is no rules to break.
Also, it said that the first woman to gain possession of the contract wins the match. She also said that James isn’t the first guy to get involved in a Money in the Bank Match. She reminded Daniel that neither Seth Rollins or Sheamus were stripped of their contracts. 

She said just because she’s that much more intelligent than everyone else in the locker room, it doesn’t give Daniel the right to take what’s hers, and now the contract is dangling over her head. Bryan says she makes some very valid points; Money in the Bank is no disqualification and other people have interfered before, but never in history has somebody climbed the ladder, grabbed the contract, and handed it to a competitor.
He says he had made his decision but asks the WWE Universe should he just hand the contract back to Carmella or continue with the history making second ever Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match. The crowd cheers for the match to happen tonight.
Ellsworth says Bryan is just as pathetic as the crowd and he used to look up to him as a man, but now he doesn’t see a man, he sees a gutless, spineless coward that has no grapefruits to cut it in the ring anymore so he made up some injury. Daniel stares him down long and hard before turning and laughing and saying he probably should just fire him, but tonight it’s not about him.

Daniel said that it is about the real superstars of SmackDown, and he knows he banned him from ringside last week, but don’t worry, he takes that back. He’s not gonna ban him from ringside, he’s going to ban him from the entire arena. Bryan calls for security as Carmella begs and pleads that her guy didn’t mean it.
Four security guards come down and grabs Ellsworth out of the ring bodily. He slips away from them and makes a break for it but they catch him resume carrying him out. He gets away again and tries to dive into the crowd but gets hung up on the barricade and they succeed in hauling Ellsworth out through the entryway this time.
Daniel Bryan wishes Carmella good luck for tonight and then leaves.
Commentary hypes up the women’s championship rematch tonight as well as Sami Zayn vs. Baron Corbin for later.
The Hype Bros are shown backstage getting ready to come out to the ring as we go to a commercial break.
Back from commercial, the Hype Bros make their entrance.
The Usos def. The Hype Bros: If The Hype Bros win, they get a shot at The Usos’ tag title. Mojo clotheslines Jey to the outside early on, then tags in Ryder who hits a suicide dive onto both Usos at ringside. On the way back in the ring, Jey boots Ryder in the face to take control of things. We cut to commercial, and when we come back we see Jimmy Uso get the victory with a frog splash off the top rope.
After the match, The New Day make their entrance and Xavier Woods begins by saying that they are so proud of the Usos for winning a match rather than running away in the middle of it. Big E says they want the gold and at Battleground they are coming for The Usos and The Titles.
The Usos says that The New Day does not deserve a shot. The Usos says that why, so that they can get the L again and go back to their playpen or go whine to Shane so they can just fail again. Tonight they are going to take a pass on whipping that ass but at Battleground they accept their challenge, and be careful what they wish for, because it ain’t about New Day no more, it’s about that day one ish.
Woods asks where they’re going and says they got bars, but all New Day does is spit hot fire. Kofi Kingston takes them to school, rapping a few bars about how the Usos are like booty.
Tamina is seen backstage stretching as commentary hypes up our two big women’s matches and a special edition of Fashion Vice is next as we go to a break.
The next episode of The Fashion Vice is next. This episode is entitled Under Pressure. Breeze asks Fandango what their strategy is and he is about the whole good cop, bad cop thing. Ascension say they didn’t do anything and deny that the picture that Fandango drew is of them. He says he believes them and offers Eddie Money tickets to try and get them to come clean.
Viktor goes to take them and consider the tickets but Konnor reminds him they only listen to grind-core and thrash metal. Tyler puts his water guns on the table and turns the heat up, offering them iced tea and a cheese platter. They say they didn’t attack him and were only there because they wanted a match on the card.
There was a clatter at the door and then Breezango steps through their office to the next room to find out that their office has been trashed again. They go back into the interrogation room and says that it couldn’t be The Ascension since they were there the entire time and try to figure it out as Ascension eat the cheese and take the Eddie Money tickets.
Natalya is seen backstage getting ready for the ladder match tonight.
Naomi makes her entrance as we go to a break.
Naomi (c) def. Lana: The Smackdown Women’s Title is on the line in this one. Lana jumps Naomi before the bell, and the ref gives Naomi times to recover before starting the match. The bell sounds and Lana immediately hits her spine-buster finisher on Naomi for a two count. Naomi comes back with a kick to the head and a spit-legged moonsault for the win after a very short match.
After the match, Lana is shown throwing an absolute fit in the ring.
We go backstage where Becky Lynch is being interviewed about her second chance at the briefcase. She says she was inches away from proving that you can walk your own path and still be successful here when Ellsworth ripped that away from her. Thankfully Bryan did the right thing and now she has a fair chance, and that’s all she needs to win the ladder match.
We go back to the ring where Aiden English is about to sing us a song when he gets interrupted by Randy Orton.
Mid-way into his entrance to the ring we go to a commercial break.
Back from commercial and Randy Orton is sitting in English’s chair. We get footage from the commercial break where we see Aiden getting an RKO.
Orton gets into the mic and says that he is not leaving the ring until he gets what he wants. Orton says he wants a rematch for the WWE Title, and he says he deserves it because if he doesn’t get it he’s going to beat the hell out of Jinder Mahal in the locker room, the parking lot, the airport, then all over again next week. 
Orton gets ready to head to the back to look for Jinder, but he’s interrupted by Shane McMahon. Shane steps in the ring and tells Orton that they’re live and they can’t have Orton threatening the safety of the WWE Champion. Orton says he doesn’t care if Shane fires him or ejects him from the building or if he gets arrested or sued because Jinder disrespected his family and he has to pay the consequences. 
Orton asks Shane to make it easy and give him a rematch, instead of taking the hard way. Shane points out that The Singh Brothers crossed the line, but that Orton had used the same tactics in the past against Shane’s own family. Shane says he knows how Orton feels and gives him the rematch at the Battleground pay-per-view. Shane says the stipulation will be chosen by Jinder Mahal. Orton says he doesn’t care what the stipulation is because the WWE Title is coming back to him, which prompts Jinder Mahal to come out to the stage to interrupt. Jinder says Orton is a snake and isn’t worthy of a rematch. Jinder says something in his native language about Orton, which prompts the crowd to chant “USA.” Jinder says the crowd is prejudice, and that for his stipulation he will take inspiration from The Great Khali. Jinder says the their match at Battleground will be a Punjabi Prison match.
After the announcement, we get a quick video clip about the Punjabi Prison as Orton and Mahal stare each other down then we backstage.
Daniel Bryan is backstage on his phone telling someone that there hasn’t been a Punjabi Prison match in ten years. AJ Styles shows up and says he needs to talk about the open challenge thing with Kevin Owens, complaining that he came down first and didn’t get it last week. Owens interrupts and asks what the problem is and says this is typical of what an American does.  
Owens says that he is missing the point of the open challenge, and that they are for people he hasn’t beaten before, and Styles needs to accept that he’s a loser. AJ calls him Ron Burgundy’s definition of San Diego, and they bicker until Bryan cuts them off. He reminds Owens about John Cena’s open challenges and says that gives him an idea that next Tuesday, on the 4th of July.
Daniel Bryan says that they will have an Independence Day Battle Royal for SmackDown next week. The winner will get a shot at Owens’ U.S. Title at Battleground. AJ Styles looks happy as Kevin Owens is upset about the announcement.
We then see Charlotte in another area of the backstage getting ready for the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match tonight.
Maria & Mike Kanellis are out to the stage next. They begin to speak but are immediately cut off by Sami Zayn’s entrance. Zayn apologizes to them and heads down to the ring for his match.
Baron Corbin def. Sami Zayn: Zayn gets in control early on, but when he throws Corbin outside and goes for a suicide dive, Corbin catches him in mid-air then slams him on the fan barricade. Back in the ring, Corbin hits an uppercut and a clothesline, then goes to a bear hug on Zayn. Zayn gets out then dodges a spear and Corbin crashes into the ring post. Zayn follows up with a cross body off the top for a two count. Nakamura is watching on a monitor backstage and we’re told we’ll hear from him after the match. Corbin hits Zayn with a right hand then takes him into the corner for more punishment. Corbin sits Zayn on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Zayn head-butts him off and Corbin crashes down to the mat. Zayn comes flying off but Corbin dodges him then hits the End of Days for the win.
Shinsuke Nakamura is seen backstage watching on a monitor and then he is interviewed about a match with Corbin. He says Baron is dangerous but motivated by fear of what he can do, and perhaps he’s right to be afraid. Nakamura says that Corbin is scared of him.
We then see an ad to hype us for John Cena’s return next week and the Women’s Money in the Bank Match as we go to a break.
Back from commercial, commentary hype us from the match that will happen at Battleground between The New Day and The Usos and that they will have a rap battle next week on Smackdown Live.
The competitors of the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match make their way to the ring as we start the match next.
Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: The winner of this one gets a shot at Naomi’s Women’s Championship. Tamina, Charlotte, Becky and Natalya all brawl out to ringside after the opening bell. Carmella is left alone in the ring to set up a ladder. Carmella starts climbing, but then the other women roll back in the ring and push her off. All of the women start fighting which leads to Becky hitting the T-bone suplex on both Natalya and Charlotte. Becky starts setting up a ladder but Tamina attacks her from behind then hits a Samoan Drop. Tamina goes up top and hits a splash on Becky. Tamina and Carmella start fighting at ringside, which leads to Tamina tossing Carmella over the announce table. Meanwhile in the ring, Charlotte chops Natalya in the chest multiple times then throws her outside. 
Becky grabs Natalya at ringside and hits a T-bone suplex on the floor. Back in the ring, Charlotte and Tamina fight over a folded up ladder. The ladder is upright and Becky runs in and climbs up it while Charlotte and Tamina are holding it. Charlotte and Tamina set the ladder down on the ropes, then Tamina kicks Becky off the ladder. Natalya comes in and takes out Tamina and Charlotte, then sets up a ladder in the ring. Natalya and Charlotte climb the ladder and fight at the top of it. Carmella pushes them both off the ladder, then Becky hits a suplex on Carmella. Natalya sets up a ladder and starts climbing, then Charlotte climbs up behind her. 
Becky and Tamina climb the other side and all four women fight on the same ladder until it falls over. Carmella starts climbing a ladder, but the other four women run in and each grab a leg of the ladder and they move it over next to the ropes. Charlotte and Carmella start going at it on the ladder, but Tamina pushes them both off. Becky and Natalya double-team powerbomb Tamina, then Natalya power-bombs Becky. Natalya puts Carmella in the Sharpshooter but Charlotte breaks it up with the Natural Selection. Charlotte and Natalya brawl out into the crowd, then James Ellsworth jumps the fan barricade and runs in the ring. Ellsworth starts climbing the ladder but then Becky Lynch pushes the ladder over and Ellsworth gets crotched on the top rope. Becky starts climbing but Carmella pulls her off and Becky starts selling a leg injury. Becky fights off Carmella, but Carmella comes back with a steel chair and drops Becky with it. Carmella climbs up and crabs the briefcase for the win. Winner: Carmella
After the match, Carmella is on top of the ladder celebrating her victory with the other competitors looking on as we go off the air.

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