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WWE United Kingdom ring announcer Andy Shepherd recently spoke with the folks at Cult Of Whatever for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On the future of WWE U.K. Championship shows: “I know what you guys know, we all want it to happen, I think as fans first and foremost we want to see WWE do something over here in the UK. The guys have shown we have the talent and not just in the UK scene like with Pete and Tyler showcasing the best of British at NXT TakeOver: Chicago. These guys are the real deal, they are superstars and I think people want to see that.

“Personally, myself like you guys do want to see a regular show from the UK. If they start to build a brand over here I can see them filling the bigger arenas but I love venues with character like the Winter Gardens in Blackpool and York Hall in London, those types of venues give the show real character and charm. It looks different to Raw, SmackDown and NXT, it sets itself apart which I think is really cool.”

On working alongside the likes of Triple H, William Regal, Michael Cole and others in WWE: “Absolutely incredible. Michael Cole had been amazing to me throughout this entire process, he helped me through everything; I can’t say enough good things about him. The same goes for all of the guys backstage, William Regal, the word legend doesn’t sum that guy up, the stories he can tell and he is so nice to everyone and will always make time for you, until you see it with your own eyes it is hard to describe.

“Hunter is really helping push so many different avenues of this business forward and the talks he gives you before the show starts and when the show finishes are so inspirational. It’s little things when William or Paul will come up to you shake hands and say well done, it means so much.”

On WWE management that he works with: “All of the guys that came over from the States I can’t say enough good things about them, how supportive they were to everyone throughout the roster.”

Check out the complete Andy Shepherd interview at CultOfWhatever.com.

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