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Your August 2019 horoscope is here

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23 July-23 August
A new dawn, a new day and a new life sees you feeling good this month. A mind and body makeover could bring love your way or change the ground rules of a current relationship. Being on the same page with finances may also be strangely stimulating now, so discussing the practicalities of a big investment or emotional commitment is vital before making things official.

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24 August-22 September
You’re often a slow burner but once you get motivated there’s no stopping you. An ‘aha!’ moment occurs this month as a pent-up or ‘under the radar’ scenario gets aired in all its glory. A new look or outlook goes with this previously unexplored territory and, since you’re feeling unusually drawn to putting pleasure before duty, love could be the catalyst for change.

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23 September-23 October
You’re super-motivated to get a bucket list ambition off the ground or make a bid for personal glory now, but it may take a team to get your plans truly moving. Collaborating as a power couple could enhance romance as well as help you to realise a dream. Invest time and energy into working out the logistics and in three short months you could be manifesting some major magic.

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24 October-22 November
Motivate your career mojo this month. Loving your job more could bring others into your orbit now who also admire your work. It could even be time for a career change or to break out on your own or potentially to connect with a crew that shares your values and builds you up rather than wears you down. As an added incentive, a work-related romance could emerge now too.

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23 November-21 December
A yearn to learn could translate into career empowerment now. It’s no time to be shy, so state your agenda with conviction and prepare to be seen and heard and adored. Whether you’re studying, setting yourself up as a guiding light for others to follow on social media or in real life, this month your words have extra power. Get ready to be revered by co-workers and CEOs alike.

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22 December-20 January
Nothing floats your boat more than financial security, but this month money gets seductive rather than simply dutiful. You’re more willing to be flamboyant and take risks but do get your facts and research right first. A small financial or romantic flutter could develop into something bigger to bring more adventure, greater knowledge and maybe even the ideal romance your way.

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21 January-18 February
Let go. That doesn’t mean ‘let yourself go’ even though keeping up appearances may feel exhausting now. Instead, being your true self could be what seals the deal on a work or romantic partnership. Opportunities to connect at a deep and very real level are all around you now, though it may mean surrendering your legendary independence to make a truly successful merger.

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19 February-20 March 
A lighter touch could have a major impact on close relationships now. The couple that trains together, remains together and a healthier approach, both emotionally and physically, ensures that business and personal connections stay in good shape. Question everything this month but ultimately trust your gut instinct and your heart to lead you to the right answers.

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21 March-20 April
You’ll pay for your pleasures this month, but in a good way. A recent hedonistic phase morphs into a desire to turn your body into a temple as you seek to blend pleasure, work and health into a money-magnetising, love-attracting combo. Focus less on your go-to crew now and more on your current or potential Significant Other, as this month two is your lucky number.

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21 April-21 May
It’s all happening at home now. Make a clean sweep of all that’s past its sell-by date and replace it with a new air of glitz and glamour. Clearing out actual or emotional debris lets the sun light up your home-life and brings new energy into your love-life, so aim for uncomplicated romance and nurture your creative talents too as both areas get to shine this month.

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22 May-21 June
Your sparkling repartee and fascinating ideas draw others to you now like moths to a flame as you exude the kind of charisma that makes you a leading light in a small but carefully curated social circle. Romance could be part of this luscious love-in now too, and discussions about living arrangements could take things further. Just be sure to fine tune every detail.

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22 June-22 July
A lucky money break or a wiser way to manage your finances emerges now. It could involve investing in your future or joining a sibling or neighbour in a venture that both saves money and makes more cash. There’s a strong romantic vibe now too and clicking with someone over shared values could reveal a keeper in your midst, or unearth hidden depths in an ongoing love-match.

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