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Your July 2019 horoscope is here

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22 June-22 July
Every day you’re getting closer to your destiny. Some of the steps you’ll take will be subtle, but this month could bring a sharp hand-brake U-turn as you review recent personal changes and possible partnership shifts too. Even when the unexpected shows up (as it most likely will) you’re currently equipped with all the charm and power you need to handle it.

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23 July-23 August
You’re the golden girl now in a four week phase that allows you to take centre stage and shine. It’s a good time to review your style and attitude, as you could find that what seems fine on the outside could require some major TLC on the inside. Work on any emotional or physical issues now and you’ll value being loved for who you truly are, not just for what others think you are.

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24 August-22 September
If you feel the need to go into temporary hibernation, aim instead to open up more to trusted friends. Putting energy into creative collaborations will productively shift any blues or doubts, especially if it’s romance that has got you perplexed. This could also set you on the path to self love or reveal a love that’s closer than you think but just hadn’t noticed before.

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23 September-23 October
How you live and work are in the spotlight now with potential shifts in energies that prioritise your job over home activities during the next six months. It may be time for a rethink so that you love what you do so much that it doesn’t feel like work at all. Turn some career dreams into reality now, and you could discover a romantic connection in the process too.

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24 October-22 November
If you’ve been dithering over a big life plan that you know would fulfil you but seems far too scary to start, this month the universe steps in to make you take those first vital steps. You’ve been finding it hard to make your mark or get your voice heard lately so backtrack, double your efforts and add to your talents. By next month you’ll be set to stun and silence any critics.

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23 November-21 December
Your world gets bigger this month so see where the creative or investigative muse takes you. Your only limitations are financial, and a shake-up of your cash flow may be all it takes to help you get serious about plans for expansion and fund an idea that’s been on hold. Even more intriguingly, this month love also links to travel, the internet or a spiritual quest.

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22 December-20 January
You tend to like the status quo but a deep-seated need for change is being revealed now. If you don’t change from within, the universe may force your hand and external events could propel you into uncharted territory. This is a good time to review your options and aim to direct how your destiny plays out, as financial and romantic connections could get intense.

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21 January-18 February
A health quest that’s been more about your emotions than your body gets an unexpected boost this month. It’s all about ‘mind over matter’ as a positive outlook can make even the most challenging situation appear surmountable. Backing off from a relationship issue helps to put it in perspective, so that love and work begin to feel more harmonious before the month ends.

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19 February-20 March 
If there’s been confusion lately between love and friendship or between pleasure and personal ambitions, the areas you really should be focusing on become more clearly defined now. The key to it all is raising your wellbeing levels. Review plans to get right with your body and you’ll see exponential improvements with romance and your individual talents now too.

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21 March-20 April
It’s officially playtime for you this month as the focus moves from home issues to leisure and romance. More intuitive than usual, you could have a breakthrough with how to combine pleasure with work so that you get the best of both worlds. A chez vous-based side hustle or a return to a scheme that was the right idea but the wrong time could be worth revisiting now.

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21 April-21 May
You rarely need an excuse to luxe up your life and adding glamour to your home this month could morph it into the perfect setting for love. You might embark on a voyage of personal discovery now too. If your bigger picture vision is not yet workable, rethink and carefully curate your plans. Small steps will get you further in the long run than trying to do too much, too soon.

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22 May-21 June
A new phase with money starts now and it could be an ‘out of the blue’ expense or windfall that prompts a review of your financial affairs, especially with any shared responsibilities. You’re on fire socially, with wit at your fingertips and the language of love flows now too to bring dazzling hook-ups if solo or, within an LTR, a chance to consolidate your union.

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