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World leaders have been reacting with horror to the devastating fire which has ravaged Paris’ iconic Notre Dame cathedral and caused part of the 800-year-old beloved Gothic structure to collapse. The building, one of the most important for Christians worldwide, and a major part of France’s cultural heritage, was heavily damaged by the quick-spreading fire […]

Shocked by the roaring blaze that devastated one of France’s iconic landmarks, people have been singing hymns and praying not far from the site where firefighters are still trying to contain the fire consuming the building. Photos and videos on social media show many French people praying in desperate hope that the cathedral, which has […]

After extensive political wrangling, the Maltese government revealed on Saturday that more than 60 migrants who were stranded on a German rescue ship for over a week will be taken in by four EU countries. The Maltese government reached a deal with the European Commission which will see Germany, France, Portugal, and Luxembourg taking in […]

Leading German media, along with some politicians, attacked Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection Katarina Barley for her interview with RT… despite the fact that she expressed strong pro-EU viewpoints. Barley wasn’t attacked for anything she said. Instead, her ‘offense,’ according to leading German papers, was the mere fact that the “unsuspecting” minister gave a […]

Russia has held naval maneuvers in the Black Sea as several NATO countries gathered there for ‘Sea Shield 2019’ exercise. Russian military “thanked” the bloc in a tongue-in-cheek fashion for making the drills more life-like. Vessels of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet have been actively training amid the Romania-led NATO drills, which concluded on Saturday, the […]

From the East India Company to the Raj, India was a British colony until the mid-20th century. And despite nostalgic imperialists extolling the virtues of the empire’s rule, it left behind millions of victims. The 1919 Amritsar massacre, the grim anniversary of which India marked on Saturday, is one of the best-known examples of the […]

“The Masons were here” and “Big Brother is watching” are just two of the many secret messages that were accidentally included in thousands of Oculus virtual reality devices, the Facebook-owned company has revealed. In a series of tweets Nate Mitchell, head of VR for Facebook, said the firm had mistakenly included the secret ‘easter egg’ […]