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French journalists are being threatened with jail time for reporting on leaked documents revealing the country’s complicity in the Saudi-led war in Yemen after they refused to answer questions from anti-terror police. “They want to make an example of us because it’s the first time in France that there have been leaks like this,” Geoffrey […]

Heinz-Christian Strache has resigned as Austria’s vice chancellor a day after German media reported that he and a close aide discussed potentially illegal quid pro quo arrangements with a suspected Russian business woman. Speaking to the media on Saturday, Strache said he has submitted his resignation letter to Chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Strache also stepped down as […]

Russia will respond ‘reciprocally’ to the US sanctions placed on Chechen special police unit Terek, Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson said, slamming Washington’s move as ‘destructive.’ “Obviously, the principle of reciprocity applies here,” Dmitry Peskov told reporters on Friday, adding that Washington’s recent actions against Chechnya’s Terek Special Rapid Response Team will trigger “necessary countermeasures.”  Peskov did not […]

Austria’s ruling coalition party is under fire after a leaked video showed the vice chancellor discussing alleged quid pro quo arrangements with a “Russian oligarch niece” … and some pundits quickly had their Russiagate meltdowns. The scandal rocked the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO) on Friday after two German publications, Spiegel and Suddeutsche Zeitung, released […]

Lasers are commonly seen as a ‘weapon of the future’ – and that future is already here as they are making it into the military. Laser systems have unique properties, opening new ways of waging warfare, RT’s military analyst says. Laser weaponry “will largely define” the combat potential of the Russian armed forces “throughout the […]

Pyongyang has urged the UN to act after North Korea’s bulk carrier, the Wise Honest, was captured by US forces. It was seized a year after being detained in Indonesia. Pyongyang’s UN representative Kim Song has sent a letter on Friday to Secretary-General Antonio Guterres asking for immediate action to be taken to return the […]

US politicians and lobbyists applied pressure on the Irish government before it passed a bill banning goods from illegal Israel settlements, including threatening the immigration status of Irish people in the US. Documents obtained from a Freedom of Information Act request by the reveal lobby groups and US politicians sought to influence the Irish […]

The Oxford English Dictionary decided to step in amidst the Indian election and set the record straight after the leading opposition party chief claimed that it had listed a new word for ‘lying’. Earlier this week, Rahul Ghandi, who leads the largest opposition party in the parliament, the Indian National Congress, claimed there was a […]