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Luxury jeweller Paspaley welcomed some of Australia’s most influential women to an exclusive dinner party, co-hosted by Saskia Havekes of Grandiflora. For the evening, Havekes and Paspaley teamed up to celebrate the launch of Paspaley’s Boronia collection, together with a Boronia fragrance released by Grandiflora, each inspired by nature. The event was held at the […]

5 of the best places to surf around the world

June 25, 2019 | News | No Comments

Standing at the edge of the cold, grey Bristol Channel, watching the waves crash towards Croyde Beach, Devon, I’m wondering why I’m not starting my surfing journey somewhere more tropical (see below for surf hotspots in warmer climes). Kitted out in a wetsuit, neoprene shoes, gloves and even a balaclava, I’m not convinced I’ve nailed […]

Share 24th Jun 2019 Young women aged 16-25 from across the globe are invited to enter Yoox Net-A-Porter’s competition: Incredible Girls of the Future. Running until July 1, the competition calls for participants to harness the power of technology and submit their ideas for an innovative new fashion app. Entries are to challenge convention, drive sustainable […]

During the 2015 Women’s World Cup, Marco Aurélio Cunha, then the women’s coördinator for the Confederation of Brazilian Football, gave an astonishing interview to Canada’s Globe and Mail. As the lead-up explained, soccer in Brazil remains a man’s game. And, despite the illustrious history of the men’s team at the World Cup, the closest that […]

“Old Town Road,” a rap-influenced country song—or a country-influenced rap song, depending on your particular tilt—is presently en route to becoming the most significant commercial release of the decade. Written and self-released by Lil Nas X, a heretofore unknown and unemployed twenty-year-old from Atlanta, a remix of the track has spent eleven weeks atop the […]

Last Monday, when President Trump tweeted that his Administration would stage nationwide immigration raids the following week, with the goal of deporting “millions of illegal aliens,” agents at Immigration and Customs Enforcement were suddenly forced to scramble. The agency was not ready to carry out such a large operation. Preparations that would typically take field […]