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Google has reportedly suspended its licenses and product-sharing agreements with Chinese communications giant Huawei, as Washington accuses the company of spying for Beijing. The Silicon Valley tech giant has cut its business deals with Huawei that involve the transfer of hardware and software, Reuters and the Verge report. Following the move, Huawei will likely lose access to […]

Lasers are commonly seen as a ‘weapon of the future’ – and that future is already here as they are making it into the military. Laser systems have unique properties, opening new ways of waging warfare, RT’s military analyst says. Laser weaponry “will largely define” the combat potential of the Russian armed forces “throughout the […]

French police have arrested a 27yo ‘assassin’ armed with two hidden blades, a sapper shovel and a pair of pruning shears, who said he was just a cosplay fan taking a stroll during the Yellow Vests protest in Paris. With his black hood and military backpack, Thomas G. immediately aroused suspicion from a Champs-Élysées police […]

The Israeli broadcaster of the Eurovision said Iceland could be punished for holding up Palestinian flags during live coverage of the competition’s voting results. Members of the Hatari group held up Palestinian flags with ‘Palestine’ written on them as the cameras were fixed on them during the announcement of their public votes at the final […]

The US and its allies began enhanced maritime security patrols in the international waters of the Persian Gulf , amid Washington’s tensions with Iran. The Countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) were “specifically increasing communication and coordination with each other in support of regional naval cooperation and maritime security operations in the Arabian Gulf,” Bahrain-based Fifth […]

In a national referendum, Switzerland overwhelmingly voted to approve tighter gun control measures and bring them more in line with stricter EU rules following a number of terrorist incidents across Europe. Residents of Italian-speaking Ticino canton were the only ones to reject the stricter rules on handling firearms after 63.7 percent of the country voted […]

India’s ruling National Democratic Alliance headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party is on course to win the general election by a substantial margin, multiple exit polls indicate. The world’s largest democracy, with nearly 900 million eligible voters, finished its complicated, weeks-long, multi-stage election process on Sunday to decide who sits in India’s […]